Renee says "Don't Diss My Pockets!"

Costume Institute Pockets Renee Zellwegger

Anna sends me a link to this site where the OBVIOUSLY RHETORICAL question of "pockets: hot or not?" is being asked.

The blogger (who, I think, is also named Erin, in some bizzarro-world faceoff of Pockets!Erin vs. No-Pockets!Erin) says:

But they [pockets] defy the very purpose of dresses, that is, to make you feel pretty and girly. Jamming your hands deep in the pockets of a dress does nothing for your shape (think hunched shoulders, stumpy arms and two big wads of fabric adding unnecessary bulk to your hips).

Needless to say, I disagree. I think what defies the very purpose of dresses (which is to make you feel happy & most like yourself) is having to haul along a giant shoulder bag: think lopsided leaning, aching arms, and a huge goiter of a bag adding unnecessary bulk to your everywhere.

I also don't think women should have to decide between having a place to put a lipbalm, some ID, and their keys and looking as slim as possible. Jeez, there are worse things in life than bulk on the hips, especially when it's apparent to anyone with the sense God gave a junebug that it's Something In Your Pocket, and not that you were Happy to See a Twinkie. (And, might I add, so what if you were, at one point, happy to see a Twinkie? I am getting so very tired of machinations of the Diet-Industrial Complex …)

I'd say "go leave a comment" but the site is all whirligiggy with popup boxes and too many flashing things and whatnot, so don't bother. You can comment here, I don't mind.

[Thanks to Dara for sending the picture!]

0 thoughts on “Renee says "Don't Diss My Pockets!"

  1. Let’s just let the thought go that things have to be practical. It’s so limiting. Especially when you consider fashion as a form or art which you are confronted with every day. No rules. Lovely!


  2. Pockets on a dress is so unexpected… and it can work. I wore a dress with pockets to a wedding last year, and I LOVED it! It’s probably one of my all-time favorite dresses. And, if anything, it made the dress even more feminine. There’s just something playful about it– and all the while chic… I’m all for pockets. Every girl should wear a dress with pockets at some point.


  3. Pockets in a dress, yes. Pockets in an evening gown – not if they can be seen.The whole point of a gown is that you should look like you have “people” to carry your keys and such for you.


  4. Personally I think that the “whole point of a gown” is to make you look like you NEED someone to carry your stuff for you.


  5. rather rather late to this posting, but I am SO pro-pockets, that I’ve drafted them into most of the things that I make for myself, skirts AND dresses, if they don’t already have them. Even pencil skirts. My pencil skirt pattern has back welt trouser-style pockets, the better to hold a chain wallet. (you can dress the girl up but there’s till a tomboy element….) If you put a lining in the skirt and slip the pockets between the lining and the outer fabric (and don’t cram them too full of stuff) they’ll hang just fine and look just fine on a slim skirt or dress. -d


  6. Women need pockets! We are always hearing about purse snatchings. Well, duh.Pockets don’t need to diminish the style factor. I’m so glad when I find a skirt or dress with pockets, because I carry my wallet with money and credit cards in my pocket.My purse holds hair items, a compact, and necessities that won’t ruin your life, if stolen. I say hurrah for pockets for women’s clothing! Go Pockets!


  7. I love, love, LOVE pockets on dresses pans skirts! I don’t care if it is a casual dress or a red carpet dress. I do like them better on a full skirt but they can look very chic on a fitted dress. And who cares if it might add some bulk to the hips? I’ve never met a man who would complain about curves on a woman!


  8. For this particular style of dress, pockets are actually meant to add some extra bulk to the hips. This was one of the classic 40’s-50’s tricks for making more of what you don’t have – they were not utilitarian. They were a design feature intended to create the illusion of wider hips, making the waist look even smaller by comparison. I am all for them, since I like an actual hourglass shape, not the top-heavy version that seems to be so popular today. I don’t think the general thrust of the article and the comments, though, is spot-on because these pockets were never intended to have anything put in them.


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