Oh! Oh! OH!

McCalls 8868

This is the kind of thing I point to when people tell me fashion isn't art. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me that this dress followed the Golden Ratio. It's so beautiful that I just sat, mesmerized, gazing at it on my monitor for a little while, and only the incessant ringing of my phone drew me out from under its spell.

I would love to make this dress, if only to have it hang on a dress form in my room for the rest of its life. I don't think I could wear it, because I really don't have a 1930s-type physique, unless by "1930s-type physique" you are thinking of Margaret Dumont, and not Myrna Loy.

The bidding on this one (click on the image to visit the eBay auction) is up to about $28 now, and I can't imagine it's going to go for much less than $50. Quite a few 1930s patterns hit $100, these days. But it's B35 (very reasonable!) and so unutterably gorgeous … you could always justify it as an objet d'art.

Many thanks to Marie Christopher for the link!

0 thoughts on “Oh! Oh! OH!

  1. I think it might be a little off for the golden ratio (which is 2/5:3/5). It’s very, very nice, though, albeit a bit flouncy for my taste. The fabric choices are bang-on for the design.


  2. “…unless by “1930s-type physique” you are thinking of Margaret Dumont, and not Myrna Loy.”OH! oh, i am *so* gonna steal that line. my bosom is a dead ringer for Margaret’s.


  3. Oh I like that dress! I love loking at vintage dress patterns, there are just somany I would love to have just for the artwork. I love the vintage patterns form 1930-1960.


  4. Oh my, oh my!!! Love it. So feminine and gorgeous. Sigh, unfortunately I have the mac truck figure so it’s 1940’s housemarm wrap dresses for me ;-)Thanks for the eyecandy!Missy


  5. As Mae incarnate, all I can do is drool over 30s gowns and dresses. Is the utter plight of a vintage seller….and fan…..*sigh*. 30s gowns, and the Myrna look, are my favorite!! All I can do is sigh. Ang


  6. How beautiful! Apparently many others think so too; the bidding is nearing $50. Add that to the yards of silk chiffon this dress deserves, and that makes one expensive homemade dress!


  7. Aww, come on, we’ve seen recent pictures of you. If you do a muslin to get the fit just right, you can wear this dress. Go for it!


  8. Stunning! I really want to see the pattern pieces. Now, do you really have to have perfect shoulders to wear this dress, or would it give you great shoulders?I also love Ms. Loy; I love to watch the old Thin Man films just to hear William Powell say my name! And I love the way they flirt with each other.


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