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Butterick 5156

Another Erin (aka knittergirl.etsy.com) sent me this image, of a pattern she bought recently. Isn't this just too glorious?

When I find this in my size, this will form the basis for my steampunk/yesterday's-tomorrows spaceship captainatrix costume. I'll make it in two-tone gray with a red tie, and pair it with a jaunty hat and white gloves (with gauntlets). My all-female crew and I will pilot our space dirigible, the Jean Batten, calmly and effortlessly on the trans-Venusian run, with resupply stops at Moonbase Delta.

And when the Jovians finally go beyond just saber-rattling and actually make a military play for control of the asteroid belt, it'll be me and my gals who will, armed with very, very shiny ray guns, force them back into their atmosphere.

But first, of course, I have to find this in my size …

0 thoughts on “On the Watch List

  1. It’s a terrific pattern, but I hope that when you make it you carry the contrast color down behind the pockets and that fantastic curve of buttons instead of stopping cold at the waist.


  2. please, please, please can i join your all girl crew? i’ll be the chubby but plucky and smart navigator and i look *fantastic* in gray!


  3. Thank you, Erin. I have now spit soda all over the computer screen. This will definitely impress the inhabitants of other worlds when you step out of your ship looking all tailored and sophisticated. How can they keep you from taking over their planet?!?


  4. Ooookayyy–Lovely pattern and dress idea–but I think you’ve been doing toomuch of something and need to take a break! Your brain has overheated! Or whatever your’re eating/smoking/drinking/taking, I want some.


  5. I love gray, and the dress, and gauntlets. Can I be the flight surgeon? Someday, though, I want a ship of my own. I’ve always wanted to be a spaceship captainatrix; I just didn’t know the mot juste.


  6. I want to join the crew, too. Looks like navigator, cook, scientific officer, and ship doctor are taken. I’ll put in my bid for ship diplomat/alien liason. Or general ass-kicker. Whichever is needed at the time.–Lydia


  7. Communications Officer! I’m good on the phone. And I’d get to stick a thing in my ear and look important.We shall follow our fearless leader to the ends of the universe.(Boots or shoes?)


  8. I’d love a job that allowed me to wear cool vintage uniforms and kick butt. I could be the loose cannon, hot head character (with a heart of gold, of course.) Today’s been one of those days where I’d love to be sporting a raygun (and have a good reason to use it.)I kinda have the Buttercup Powerpuff vibe going this morn.-Janet


  9. I offer myself up as caretaker of the groovy uniform collection. I’ll wash, iron, hang, find matching shoes, etc.–all while eccentrically dispensing sage advice, witticisms, and wacky obscure literary quotes to the crew of the Jean Batten!


  10. OHHH, sent this to many friends, who now have new respect for the sewing crowd…(tights or barelegged?) And I dub “maid”…so…um…would I get a matching apron?Back to the machine, Melissa


  11. Hello Erin, As you know so much about dressed – could you and/or your blog readers help me. I bought a portrait of a women and I want to date the painting based on the dress she is wearing. If you could give me some insight that would be so appreciated. Thanks


  12. I don’t think I’d join the crew, but I’d happily watch the anime of your adventures! In fact, I think you should copyright this idea, Erin, before the series appears on Adult Swim without your input!


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