I can't believe I missed this one.

mail order pattern 4527

I can't believe I missed this one. I know I can't be everywhere at once, but this is the kind of thing that makes me want to write a PatternML language so that I can persuade all the vintage pattern sellers to make a single giant RSS feed which I could drink from, like some kind of immense vintage-sewing firehose. Wouldn't that be great? A simple tagging language that would let sellers mark their patterns consistently and upload them to some kind of Giant Awesome Database and then they'd all be out there, right where we wanted them. (I'll put it on the list, with the other kazillion projects I have going on right now.)

If I had been PAYING ATTENTION, like I should have, I would have seen this pattern at Out of the Ashes Collectibles and it would be mine. Now I just have to sit here alone with my bitter, bitter regret. (Ashes, indeed.)

But let me be a lesson to you, and go check out the site. There's some really cute stuff still around!

And while I'm wallowing in regret, it seems I let this incredible Alexander Henry fabric sell out while I wasn't looking. Anyone know who's still got, oh, four or five yards?

alexander henry bird seed yellow

0 thoughts on “I can't believe I missed this one.

  1. Wow, a double treat post: lovely pattern and adorable goldfinch fabric.Re your pattern database idea, which is excellent, while we are wishing on the stars, let’s wish that the patterns are scanned into the big Pattern Computer and a program it runs will alter the sizing. So you may see a dress originally scanned into the computer in a size 10, but can request the pattern be sent to you in a size 16. Ah, speed the day!


  2. Oh, I love that print. I know that they have had it at my LFS, Hart’s, but I don’t see it on their website right now. I can check at lunch today and let you know if they have that much left. Or you could call them direct 831-423-5434. Yes, that’s right, that store is a block away from where I work, and many is the lunch hour I’ve swung by just to visit the fabric, and the next thing I know I’m carrying some home. Oops. Here’s the one that caught my eye on the website:http://www.hartsfabric.com/36734.htmlI'm going to have to see that one in person…Hey, is it time for another Fabric Week?


  3. I don’t know where any of the Alexander Henry fabric can still be found, but I had to add that I made a shirtdress out of the pink colorway and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!


  4. That pattern with this fabric, some green piping at the pockets and bodice, with a grass-green patent belt, grass-green buttons, and you’d be so happy, I bet.Now I’ve ruined your day!and my own . . . the karma train’s gonna hit me for this one, baby.


  5. Ohhhh, Alexander Henry fabrics. So much love for the Henry around here. Hmm… if I ever have another son, I think I know what I’ll name him…


  6. I have several vintage patterns in size 16 listed on ebay right now that you might like…My ID is Lilcottageshoppe. Several more will go up this weekend.


  7. Count me in if you get that database going……I’d be happy to add a link to my gillions of patterns……and I bet other pattern sellers would be too.in the meantime, you can check out http://www.cemetarian.com


  8. Yep, it looks like they only have that fabric in the other two colorways at Hart’s – but seems like there’s some around elsewhere. Would love to see what you make from it…


  9. I saw some fabric like this in an ebay storeStore is called Scuba Valves.There is a ton of vintage fabric and clothes listed there. (Odd name, but great stuff)


  10. I just chanced on a store window (Oakland, CA) with very cute little-girl dresses made out of these birds and also the apples & pears print in the same line. I would like kitchen curtains out of this stuff… can’t wait to see your dress!


  11. I had to delete a highly negative comment about another eBay seller b/c it was left anonymously. If you want to be negative, sign your own name.


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