Following up

butterick 6936

Remember the busy-day dress with the fancy pockets, the one I wrote about here? Well, I knew I'd written about it before, and there's the image up above (actual previous post is here).

The bodice on the busy-day dress is different, as I mashed up one from another pattern … this one.

Oh, and if you're still interested in a tape measure (see below), you might want to get a move on … half of them are gone ALREADY! (I know, I can't believe it either.)

So here's the link again, for handy reference:

0 thoughts on “Following up

  1. Erin, if I may bother you — what type of closure does this dress have? It seems too close fitting to be just a pull over, but the illustrations do not show zippers or buttons. I imagine that it has a zipper on the side, but I’d like confirmation. Desiree


  2. Thanks. This dress is still haunting me. But besides pockets, this girl has a penchant for long sleeves. And I can’t seem to get all the features to play well together. I’m also thinking that it should have a yoke added in the back. Thinking of making it in eyelet. The eyelet is already in your stash, should you chose to make it as the pattern. The one you got at JoAnn’s. Sigh. This and Captain Dominatrix. I’m grasping more than I can currently reach, but that’s how you grow, right. Off to polish drafting skills. Desiree


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