Random Walks

McCalls 3053

Do you know what my favorite organizing principle is? (No, not "the pile", although if you've seen my office, that's an excellent guess.) My favorite organizing principle is "random".

"RANDOM is not an organizing principle!" I hear you saying. Well, just because something isn't a GOOD example of a category doesn't mean it doesn't belong to that category. (For instance, 'vomit' is a flavor, it's just not a good one.)

Things are nice and tidy and predictable when they're in categories and folders (and, yes, piles) but I like to choose things arbitrarily. Pick the fourth restaurant on the list and eat there. Opt for the book with the most colors on the cover. Talk to the person carrying the largest bag.

Or, my favorite, choose a random four-digit number and search the eBay vintage pattern category using it. That's how I found this gem, McCalls 3053, and I love it! If this were my size, I'd have bought it already — but it's B32. (Sigh.)

I just love the little button and the tuck that defines the sleeve. I'd probably put a different skirt on it, I don't like a center-front skirt seam, but hey, that's just me. Maybe I'll pick the skirt randomly, and see what happens …

0 thoughts on “Random Walks

  1. Love that simple little dress — easy to make (but not my size) and of course it’s already sold! And at a very good price. Eliminating the center front seam is easy – just cut on the fold and deduct the seam allowance.


  2. I LOVE the idea of random pattern searching — it’s like choosing numbers for lotto! Time to put off work by inputting siblings’ birthdays, ATM pins, etc into the old eBay search field!


  3. I love your way of randomly searching for a pattern. It reminds me of the way I blog hop. I pick out a name (one of my kids, my own or one of the fur babies) and I hope to blogs starting with those letters. You are the “A” in “Lady,” who was my first dog.The top of this dress is so pretty!


  4. Ebay is the best place for the “I’m feeling lucky” method of searching. Google Schmoogle. Also fun is “pink vintage.” Yay.


  5. Yep. Random is my principal organizing principle too. Piles are a close second. Bookshelves are just piles turned sideways after all. Sadly it doesn’t prevent spillage – they are known to break if you overburden them ( ok, MINE are known to break ). I like the center seam, since it continues the seam on the bodice, giving a nice long vertical line that I am told is good to have on those who are vertically challenged. Perhaps an inverted box pleat skirt? But I still need the long sleeves.Desiree


  6. Oh. I seriously covet that pattern. Is that bad of me? I may have to hunt around for another one and see if I can use my pathetic sizing skills to make it big enough.


  7. Why is it that all of those older pattern envelopes show someone with their hand waving in the air?? Do they think people really stand like that? ROFLOL.


  8. Oh, Alison… you should see some old photos of me, myself and I. I actually do that, or used to do anyway. 😉 Somehow wearing vintage does that to me… the whole weird “hands in the air” thing.


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