Electron Deprivation

My DSL went down at about 11 last night. "No worries," I thought, Pollyannaishly. "I'm sure it will be up in the morning."

Of course, this morning I awoke with a start just at seven, filled with foreboding …. something was wrong! Something terrible!

Whether my body just recognized the lack of a wifi signal permeating my bones, or whether I just sensed the sad lack of blinkitude of the DSL light on the modem, I don't know, but there was no connectivity again this morning. A good night's sleep, it seems, is not what cures an ailing internet connection.

However the good folks at Speakeasy (LOVE them) got me back up and running in just about four hours, so I was able to see that I'd won this:

Advance 6327

How tempted am I to do the striped version of the skirt? Extremely tempted.

I bought this pattern from eBay seller sewingwithdogs. She's got other stuff up, mostly vintage girl clothes …

0 thoughts on “Electron Deprivation

  1. In-seam pockets are easy peasy, and with all those skirt seams, you could add a LOT of pockets!The striped skirt is nifty, I wonder if it cold work on other dress patterns as well? Isn’t it just a matter of finding a skirt with the right number of gores?


  2. In-seam pockets. Though if the dress has a side zipper, I’d like to see the solution she comes up with for inserting the pocket. For a striped skirt, yes, a skirt with the ‘right’ number of gores would work. The gores should all be the same width for this look. This looks to be a 12 gore skirt. Erin, if you could be so kind as to let us know how that sweetheart neckline bodice with the collar pattern pieces work, I’d be grateful. It looks to be in one piece with the bodice in the drawing, but we all know drawings can be deceitful, like the impossibly leggy woman in the buttons post. I like this dress very much, but I need long sleeves.Time to go check the catalog to see when the pattern drafting class is offered this semester. Desiree


  3. I didn’t think of the blue-and-white version as striped.Now if you use a striped fabric, you could lay it out to produce a chevron-striped skirt.If the pieces are run with the grain, you’d need bias-striped fabric.Or if the pieces ARE on the bias, any narrow stripe would do. Imagine the fun in matching at each seam!


  4. Yes the striped skirt is gorgeous, a pattern to draw the eyes down and lengthen the legs even though the skirt is so full 🙂 And I love the little scarf detail at the neck.


  5. Nice pattern and good win, Erin! (and happy belated birthday?!)I recently sold this SAME pattern (size 12/bust 30″) and at the moment it’s still in my possession awaiting payment.I would be happy to email anyone a scan of the pattern back (and I think I could figure out a pretty way to piece together the collar instructions in a jpg..), just contact me and I’ll have the scans ready!Jen http://www.momspatterns.com


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