More Dress Art!

kissing dress project

Check out this work from artist Robin Barcus: "Collecting Kisses". She put up three dress outlines in a gallery and had people leave lipstick kisses on them. Participatory art, yay!

Robin's also doing a series of location-specific dresses for every state in the US, *and* making a movie about it, which is about as cool as you can get without resorting to the illegal use of Freon.

Here's one of her state-specific dresses (for Maine, naturally):

state dress project

She also did a leaf dress that's worth seeing — click on either of the images above to visit her blog.

I had a whole list of art-dress projects to post about before my hard drive decided to become an ossified, non-spinny lump … a list I don't really want to recreate by hand, because I'm lazy. So if you emailed me an art-dress link sometime in the last month, and feel strongly about it, would you email me again? Or at least leave a link in the comments?

0 thoughts on “More Dress Art!

  1. A friend of mine in college went as a leaf pile for Hallowe’en one year: She taped colorful dry leaves all over the brown jersey caftan she’d borrowed from her mother. It looked a whole lot like that pine-cone outfit.


  2. What fun! Hey, I was just in Maine, at the Portland Museum of Art, where I was stunned and amazed by one of Brian White’s shell dresses. If you haven’t mentioned him on A Dress A Day yet, maybe you’d want to look into his work. Or maybe you’ve already featured him? Anyway, here’s a link:


  3. On behalf of my home state, Nebraska, I hope our dress is not strictly corn based.It can be tiring that every reference concerning us involves corn, cornfields and backward living.-Janet


  4. I’m with Janet, although here in Illinois, it’s just as likely to soy beans! :-)LOL Canine, my daughter’s Halloween costume debut was a pile of leaves. Her brother (3 yr.) was a tree, and she (5 mo.) was a pile of leaves at his feet…..a “blanket” of leaves draped over her and her car seat. lol


  5. Re: Nebraska: If she is really in the know she should feature a quilted dress in honor of the quilting program at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I wanted to go there and get a masters in quilting, but met a wonderful guy and love of him won out so here I am in PA. Which I would certainly hope she doesn’t make a dress of an oil slick since oil was first discovered near where I live.


  6. Heh–I’m from Texas. Oil? Spotted cowhide? Cotton? Tree bark? Roadkill armadillo shells? I’m not sure how we’d pick a material.


  7. Wearing that dress would feel EXACTLY like crinoline petticoats felt!Rita (native Nebraskan, former Texan, and now North Carolinian)


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