New Fabric

"Hmm," I bet many of you were thinking. "Erin hasn't posted about fabric for a while. Is she perhaps sewing from her stash, or even (gasp) on the fabric wagon?"

Well, of course, the answer to that is No, and No. Part of this is not my fault: fabric -enabler Heather sent me this awesome collection from South Africa:

shwe shwe

I really love the border print:

shwe shwe

That's crying out to be a skirt with patch pockets, right?

There was also a moment of indulgence recently that resulted in this:

brown roses

I should have put something in the picture for scale. Say, something like MY HEAD, which is how big those roses are. Seriously. I really want to make a gorgeous evening dress out of this, something with brown velvet piping at the neck, and then I think: when do I have any good excuses to wear evening dresses? So maybe I'll make something very prim, a button-up shirtdress, very severe, so that I can have more chances to wear it. It's this gorgeous cotton sateen, just so heavy and silky …

I also am still waiting on the postal-strike catchup to give me some more Liberty babycord. Sigh.

0 thoughts on “New Fabric

  1. the second one is GORGEOUS! I think if I had an evening dress made out of it I would wear it out all the time, you know, “it’s past 5pm, that’s evening right? I must go don my evening dress before going to the grocery store…”


  2. I agree, you can’t be waiting for ‘appropriate’ occasions to wear an evening dress. Do like they did in the old days and Dress For Dinner. Who cares if you are overdressed!? I say everyone else is Underdressed.


  3. love the South African fabrics! My brother is teaching in Thailand and has promised me some fabrics, I can’t wait!


  4. Great fabrics. Love the yellow roses – I agree with Linda, do a shirtwaist dress with a full skirt. But I’d do brown velvet covered buttons and a brown velvet peter pan collar…


  5. if you need me to send you some additional animals or prints let em know – I will be most happy to. Went to one of Heathers presentations a while ago, and then sat next to her in yoga last week. Only to find through your blog, that she has been to mine. I should have introduced myself while I was sitting next to her . love the flower fabirc too


  6. That rose fabric reminds me of a dress my mother used to wear when she and my dad were going out for the evening. It was a simple round necked bodice with bust darts and huge full skirt, and she wore the pointiest white pumps. I thought it was the most glamorous outfit I’d ever seen.


  7. I love the big roses!! I was, until recently, the fabric specialist at JoAnn Fabrics and this fabric looks like one in their Spring Fling collection, which I am sure is discontinued now.When I saw it at the store I thought about a sexy robe! Maybe even a teddy to go under it.I bet you’d look GREAT in that! And you’ll probably have more fun than a dinner party! Ahem! LOL!Wrap it around yourself and let your imagination soar. Don’t let it collect too much dust before you use it!


  8. hi erin the material is called Seshweshwe & its worn usually as a traditional attire either asa a dress or a wrap skirt Here in SA its very popular


  9. I have a THING for Rose print fabrics and I can never find any. I made a big sunhat with matching dress a few years ago that I wear to church, tea parties, weddings (pink Roses on white background, cotton). I havent photographed it but I should do something about that so I can share it here. OK, the sunhat was a Vogue pattern (cant find it now). The dress I designed myself: pullover, sleeveless V-neck, Empire bodice with gathers center front, below the knee length with bias flounce ruffle hem, dress is semi-fitted with darts front and back. Always looking for more inspiration and your blog is incredible!


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