Reasonable Facsimile

McCalls 3078

Check out this pattern at Born Too Late Vintage; It's quite like the pattern I used for this dress (the jellybean dress) only with buttons. (If I had found this pattern first, I probably would have used it. Big *pink* buttons, yum!) AND it's a B41. (Marge at Born Too late seems to have a nice stock of size 20 and up vintage patterns right now …)

I'm really liking those six-gore skirts, since it's fairly easy to add pockets to them. I have really determined that, unless I grow some kind of marsupial pouch, I'm never leaving the house without at least one pocket in whatever I'm wearing. And preferably TWO. (Bilateral symmetry: it's all the rage.)

In other pressing news: a couple of folks have said that this widget:

Isn't working for them … so here's a link to the web page. We're nearly 1/3 of the way towards the goal after ONE DAY. You all rock, seriously.

Also: new wiki contest update today. The prizes keep pouring in!

0 thoughts on “Reasonable Facsimile

  1. Hi Erin, Love your blog. I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and spending waaaaay too much time going through the archives. There’s enough free time reading to keep me busy for a long time…….I have 9 years on you and my first memory of dresses are the handmade mother and daughter dresses Mum made, usually summer shifts in a bright Lilly-Pullitzer-like floral or a madras plaid. If there was enough fabric left over, we had matching triangle scarfs with ties for under your chin or at the nape, and a dress for my handmade ragdoll to match! I wore red Keds and Mum wore brown leather thong sandals (flat of course). Lowe today’s dress pattern and I wanted to share a thought….you can still add some cool vintage buttons to the jelly bean dress, decorative, not functional, maybe smaller, 3 or 4 parading a little way down from the center front from the neckline….maybe?Keep up the awesome work—you rock!WendyBee


  2. Erin,Thanks for letting people know about my patterns! Thanks to all the pattern sellers out there especially Rita of Cemetarian for all their assistance! Marge


  3. This dress looks exactly like a few hundred my mother used to wear. haha She LOVES this cut and can do justice to it—she’s 5’8. At 5’1, I’m not so sure I could be as elegant, but this pattern is tempting.


  4. Thanks for the compliment, Marge……’s a big, cold world and if we don’t help each other, we just get lost…..I try to pay it forward…….but don’t always make it. I want to offer KUDOS to Erin for making this blog such a wonderful and safe place for all of us dress loving folks to hang out.Rita


  5. Don’t tell everyone! I gave my husband a list of patterns (in my size – 20 and 20 1/2) that I want from born too late…now they will be gone, oh boo hoo! Well, ya’ll save me one or two -especially the wiggle dress ones.


  6. I’ll keep listing them if you keep buying them Theresa so keep checking back.Marge, Born Too Late Vintage


  7. I just bought 9 patterns from you Marge. I’d by 5 more if they weren’t already gone. (I can not resist wiggle dresses and dress patterns that include coat patterns.) I will send pictures as I make them.


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