Post-fundraising drabble #1

onion dress

I didn't think the rutabaga dress would get bought before me. The tomato dress, yes, everyone knew she'd go first, in all her sizes, and that's exactly what happened. The eggplant dress went next (in the smaller sizes first). Some people like purple. Then it was the carrot dress (in the bigger sizes). And then it was just me and the rutagbaga dress. Nobody knows what a rutabaga is! One girl who tried her on called it a "dirty turnip"! We hung on, pretending we didn't see the coats creeping closer. She got bought, finally, at $3. I'm still here.

[This is an actual deadstock dress, click on the image to visit the eBay auction. Thanks to Julie W for the link!]

Other Business
Hey, does anyone know where to buy the Nancy Drew fabric? The web site of the original seller ( is down and their phone's out, and a couple of people have emailed me looking to buy some! Nothing on Etsy or eBay, either. Any help greatly appreciated …

0 thoughts on “Post-fundraising drabble #1

  1. Oh man, that dress is divine! I can’t believe no one bought her! Too bad I have so many vegetable fabrics already. I just can’t justify spending $30 on even more vegetable clothes. Especially since I’m not a sundress type of gal.


  2. hahahahaha!Great drabble for that dress, I knew you would love it. What is there not to love? It is awesome in that crazy fun way. Congrats BJ on buying that dress…..


  3. For the Nancy Drew site, have you tried the alternative email address? ( I don’t know what phone number is down for you, but (303) 795-7149 came up for that site.I never saw the original post. I have always loved Nancy Drew!


  4. i tried the email, it has also been disabled. I think that the gumshoe girls have incurred the wrath of the irs and are now on the lamb.


  5. I’m a Nancy Drew fan as well. Unfortunately the Gumshoe Girls, who made the fabric, recently went out of business due to lack of demand. I’m hoping they’ll return at some point…


  6. Sob! I feel sorry for this dress! and…do we have to call it deadstock? Surely we can come up with a kinder, gentler word.


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