Post-fundraising drabble #4

gray cotton 1950s dress

Sometimes I wish she wasn't so loud. Red lipstick, red nails, red handbag, and even (I hate to tell you) red underwear. Sometimes I can't hear myself think, with all that red around. I just want to be quiet; to sit down and read a book or listen to the radio, not to go play bridge with the girls or spend all day shopping. And it's not like she really likes me, either: I heard her say "This old thing?" more than once. Even when I was new! Maybe she'll give me to her sister. Her sister's lipstick is pink.

From Alley Cats Vintage.

More linkingness:

This dress from the spring 08 Anne Klein collection is just marvelous. I want it, and I can't remember the last time I wanted something that went down a runway. (It's the white shirtdress with the colorful digitalish border print, if the link doesn't work.)

Thanks for all the pattern-envelope suggestions! Maybe I'll give it a shot on Monday …

0 thoughts on “Post-fundraising drabble #4

  1. what a beautiful grey dress! I would look great in that! If I was more disciplined, I would analyze WHY I like it like Erin does, but really, it’s just love at first sight.And the storyline is fascinating to me too. Her wearer doesn’t have much taste, methinks.


  2. Her wearer may be some unfortunate woman who’s been told, “Anyone can wear red lipstick!”I love the digital dress! It wouldn’t look so good on me in the white; I’d love that print on black, though.


  3. The Ann Kline dress is a really good example of why I get so frustrated: I will never ever be able to find that fabric any place. Oh, maybe Emmaonesock or something for “out of the budget” per yard pricing, but mostly never. And that print is what makes that dress. This is like a lot of the things in Burda WOF as well. What makes those designs in many cases is the fabric itself — so frustrating.


  4. That gray dress is gorgeous, I want it! but the waist wouldn’t fit, that price is too high for me to do alterations (I always have an excuse). But the idea is what matters, I’ve had the visions (and fabric) for a gray workdress or two, something where the fabric and color are subtle, but the design requires a double-take.


  5. Unfortunately, fabrics like that digital fabric are often made to the designer’s exact specifications to fit their vision. Some fabric mills will do it because it gets their name out there as well; most often, it’s a large expense for the designer.But yes–without the fabric, the dress is pretty ordinary.


  6. I love that shirtdress too. What a classic style, made even better by a wonderful print. No, we will probably not be able to find the fabric, darn it.


  7. I’m loving the drabbles…such fun! Re the Anne Klein link: that pixel fabric dress is sure eye catching but I love the pale blue dress best. By the way, have you seen the new Prada puffy skirts ..I stopped dead in my tracks on Madison Avenue last week and just plain gawked. Totally pretty!


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