Remember that pattern I posted yesterday? The shirtwaist? Well, I bought it Friday and yesterday I got a package in the mail … I was sure it was my shirtwaist …

But when I opened the package, I found this, instead:

Simplicity 4093

I emailed Jody at My Kids Drawers right away, and, well, she is a *really* nice eBay seller. She apologized, said she'd send out the right pattern right away, and told me to keep this one! That's how you do customer service, folks. (You might want to check out what she's got listed now, there are quite a few nice patterns, and on sale, too!)

In fact, I've had more good transactions buying patterns on eBay than just about anything else … patterns seem to attract nice people. (Unlike the guy I bought a Swatch from, who, when I refused to pay an additional — and highly illegal — "Paypal fee," decided it would be fun to smash the watch with a hammer before he sent it to me.)

The serendipitous thing, of course, is that I would have never given this pattern a second glance, but now that it's in my hot little hands I can see all sorts of lives for it. It only takes two yards of 50" fabric …

(If you want a copy of this pattern for your very own, there are at least two copies of it on eBay right now, plus a really nice one from Michelle at Patterns from the Past, too)

0 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Sometimes you need a good ultra-plain design like that so you can use some kind of outrageously patterned material. Those Sixties ones really aren’t my thing but I could see it in the right fabric.


  2. Erin, THIS is the pattern for the Brown Roses fabric. Use the bandana print for the shirtwaist. As I read yesterday’s posts and comments, I laughed, because I was wearing, a blue cotton shirtwaist bought.. at Target.


  3. you have taken the words right out of my mouth!!! the minute i saw the new pattern it leapt out saying brown roses, brown roses!


  4. yeah for great ebay sellers! geez, I hope you filed a SNAD against the Swatch-smasher ! And yes, what they said up there about the brown roses and stuff. ( I don’t like shirtwaists on me at all…on me they look like a potato sack missing a couple of potatoes….prolly has to do with being elf-shaped and short)


  5. This pattern makes me think of Mrs. Brady, which made me think of Marcia Brady and the cool dress from last year. Happy New Year all!


  6. What if you took the pink version’s neckline and added a peter pan collar? That might make it more “you” than it is now . . . cute is it is.


  7. Selvedge beat me to it, too! You MUST make this one in the brown roses fabric. Absolutely. The ebay pattern gods have spoken!


  8. Hi there,I found your site from the bloggie awards, where I was randomly chosen as a panelist, just wanted you to know I was very impressed by the site and chose yours as one in 5 out of about 20/30 for best art and craft blog. I’ve got you bookmarked and will keep checking in!Good luck,Annie-Kate


  9. Breaking my lurking silence to jump on the bandwagon – this is absolutely the dress for the brown roses. They’re best friends. With velvet piping on the (broader) neckline and a one-inch wide brown velvet tie.The black bandanna fabric is much more shirt-waisty. Can’t wait to see them!


  10. Oh what a great freebie. I have to say I’m in love, I just found your blog trying to figure out how someone found their way onto my site and I got here. Bookmarked forever!


  11. i’m with you, so far all my pattern purchases on eBay have been great – i haven’t had quite the same positive customer serivce experience buying clothes though.


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