Spoiled for Choice

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday — there were some internet-connectivity issues, and then there were some "I have to give a talk downtown" issues (compounded by the snow issues), and then there were the "back from a long weekend" issues. I guess I "have issues." (Except for issues of the magazine, which are the only issues I want to have. THOSE are still at the printer!)

Of course, any day on which I don't post is NOT a day in which I have NOTHING to post — I usually have the OPPOSITE problem, as in, I could post so much every day that I would do nothing else. For instance, just in the last 36 hours or so, I was sent links to:

— this incredibly cute squirrel-print sundress (sent by Julie)
— a reminder that PurlSoho has new Liberty cottons in stock (from Rebecca)
— a link to a wedding-perfect satin dress WITH POCKET (from Kai, and let's just see a picture of that pocket, okay?)

satin pocket dress

— some paper art dresses (sent by Theresa)
— an Anne Fogarty polka-dot midriff-emphasizing dress on eBay (sent by Robin, and let's just peek at that one, too, shall we?)

Anne Fogarty

And there were several more links that I will save for another day. Aren't I the luckiest blogger in Blogdom? Thank you (and keep 'em comin')!

0 thoughts on “Spoiled for Choice

  1. DRAT!! I am loving that Anne Fogarty dress, but I couldn’t fit that waist line even if I had nothing but water and rice for a month.


  2. *Ahem*…I do not believe that pocket is for your keys and cell phone! Looks like a drop box sort of pocket for envelopes and loose bills.


  3. Gray with orange and pink polkadots!!!?!?!?! That dress is killing me. But I’m with jill b on the waist line – especially since just looking at that dress makes me want to eat cupcakes with sprinkles on them, out of sheer sprinkly joy.


  4. I love the wedding dress, its so simple but still cute and modern. I received a pearl necklace for x-mas and it would fit in perfectly with the dress. I am so happy that you posted this……I have the necklace, need a dress and a future husband!!!! JK


  5. Well, that wedding dress would be very useful if you are the sort of person who has the sort of family that gives checks at weddings. Now, I’ve heard of some customs where the money gets actually pinned to the dress. But this would be so much handier.


  6. I thought you’d like the dress. I love the asymmetry of the large, voluminous, decorated pocket against the simple lines and fabric of the rest of the dress. I’d want to wear a huge jeweled bangle on the opposite wrist with no other jewelry, or very simple earrings. And purple or green faille shoes. (Red would be too expected.)


  7. Since Erin has “issues,” I have to share the funny kid story about issues. My nephew gave his son (6 yrs) instructions on how to do something & told him to let him know if he had any issues. Another great nephew responded, “Don’t say issues! We don’t like issues!” He’s only 4 and knows about issues!Lori


  8. Oh. My. God.Yo quiero squirrel-print sundress. Actually, this is a fun post. I bet that satin dress wouldn’t be too hard to copy, and the Fogarty one has a cool neo-1840’s fan-bodice thing going on. Wacko.


  9. What a treat! Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! Especially the paper ones, after last night’s episode of “Project Runway.” Amazing what a creative eye and more time (than the PR competetitors have) can accomplish.I LOVED the squirrel dress! We call my eldest daughter a squirrel because she keeps all sorts of things — leaves, nuts, rocks, pieces of paper, etc. And she’s 17! Has done it since she was wee little. I sent her the link and told her to look closely.Oh, the goodies you have today Erin! Thank you! Thank you!


  10. Thanks for the mention on the squirrel dress! Its one of the cutest prints I’ve ever seen….that etsy one is similar! Strangely, the ones on my dress have yellow eyes….guess its a colorway thing. ~Ang


  11. the dresses are great, but wow! — Verbatim! I subscribed to that magazine a million years ago, like in the early 80’s, and had totally forgotten about it. thanks for the reminder and the link so I can check it out again.


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