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Vogue 8731

Drat that Julie. If she hadn't linked to this pattern I never would have bought it. Well, okay, I *probably* wouldn't have bought it. Possibly wouldn't have bought it? Might not have bought it on FRIDAY? Hmmmph.

But I saw that little buttoned cuff on the short sleeve and it was lurve. That, along with the pocket, meant I had to have it. As well Julie knew. Hmmph again, I say.

I even did some sewing yesterday, but it got to the point where the dress and I had a little difference of opinion, so I left it alone in a time-out to think about where it went wrong. I used this fabric, with a pattern I swear I've blogged about before but can't find. Oh, well. There will be pictures someday. (I used red trim, too, on the pockets and collar, and red buttons.)

I'm traveling the next couple of days so posting may be spotty. And sewing will be non-existent, unless I lose a button …

0 thoughts on “Just … One … More …

  1. Well, I think the dress must have rebelled because you called the fabric ugly. Even if you said it was a good ugly, it still probably made the pattern mad.I’m just sayin’…


  2. Maybe the fabric still wants to be a narrow secretary dress….Can’t wait to see it…red piping and all. Will you wear red shoes…or grey patent leather…


  3. How many (currently wearable) dresses do you have in your collection right now, E? I’m trying to curtail my pattern-buying because my unmade patterns are taking over my sewing room, with no end in sight. I quit buying fabric (believe THAT!) a while ago, but cannot seem to get a handle on the pattern thing. You know, that “what if this pattern is not available anymore when I finally get time (and the perfect fabric) to sew it up?” urge? Or the, “won’t my grandchildren love to have these after I’m gone?” urge. Yes, well, it’s a private hell, I tell ya!I’ll love to see “Visage” sewn up with red piping. I’m sure that after your days away, this project will just fall into line to be finished. Nothing like leaving a project alone for a few days (like threatening life in the unfinished-pile) to make it mend, ahem, it’s ways, eh?


  4. Oh no! I’ve only just spotted that this was on at the V&A Museum in London – I would have gone with recording equipment and a camera to report back to you…Liberty of London: Designs of Our TimesFriday 18 January 200819.00 – 20.45 (wine reception with the speaker 20.00 – 20.45) Since 1875, Liberty has been synonymous with luxury and great design, with its textiles being particularly revered. In this talk, Anna Buruma, archivist at Liberty, will draw on images from its renowned textiles archive. Taking Members on a visually enticing journey, she will explore the store’s early years, via the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Noveau and the 1950s and 1960s, to the present day, and will discuss how these designs impacted on tastes throughout the years.Need to keep a better look out…


  5. Completely, absolutely gorgeous. I wish I knew how to sew. Which I know, I totally should just learn rather than constantly say, ahh, how wonderful would it be…but time constraints at this point in my life really do not allow. Until then, I shall ogle your blog.


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