A concrete reason to buy an abstract dress

red abstract plaid

Cherie at Shrimpton Couture sent me a link this weekend to a different dress (a wonderful red and white seersucker with some great piecing … but which is already on layaway, and I figured, hey, who needs to be taunted more on a Monday than Monday already taunts people), but, in checking out THAT dress, this one caught my eye.

I love abstract plaids for so many reasons. First of all, plaid is cheerful. I think "cheerfulness" should be a strongly motivating force behind all clothing decisions. Also, abstract, free-form plaids don't need to be matched as carefully as "real" plaids. And the last, and probably most important reason, is that if I were to spill something (preferably something in the red-orange family of foods and/or beverages) plaids like the one on this dress wouldn't show it! That's a big plus for plaid, I think.

This dress is a nice coated cotton, with ORIGINAL BELT, lined (!) and it's $125 at Shrimpton Couture. (measurements 36-28-38)

0 thoughts on “A concrete reason to buy an abstract dress

  1. Hi!Plaid is my favorite color! I prefer the even plaids and plaids without white in them. I’m a dress lover but I’m hard to fit so I’m always, always, searching for a great pattern. I’m certainly not Twiggy (a busty petite!) but the mod styles from the 60’s 70’s are my thing, believe it or not. I’m always loving the sweet look of your fun prints,full skirts, pockets and belts, though. Thanks Erin!


  2. I like plaid too. In fact when I sew with it, I try not to drive myself crazy matching all those lines. Life’s too short for that kind of craziness.


  3. I’ll include gingham in the mix as well for a measure of “cheerfulness”. When I got married in the 70s, my husband and his best man wore red gingham shirts with their blue suits. My dress was made of white eyelet that had red gingham ribbons woven into the fabric at intervals. And yes, I wore flowers in my hair. But cheerfulness is a definite plus with clothing. Elegance is great, but sometimes(especially on Mondays) you need a big dose of cheer.


  4. That is a very cute dress, and I also learned something. I didn’t know this pattern was called an abstract plaid.And being of Scottish extraction (way back when), I love me some plaid. 🙂


  5. Yeah you could totally wear spaghetti with impunity in this dress. And you’d be black and white and red all over, like the news!I love plaid too and agree it’s hard to find plaid without too much white in them; in fact it seems hard to find plaid fabric in general, especially that isn’t flannel. And abstract plaids, those seem extra rare. That’s why I’m going to be making a lot of cheerful out of polka dots this spring; but I appreciate how plaids are a little more serious than dots, while remaining cheerful. Something about the linearness.


  6. That is one of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve seen in a long time. I’m so glad I found this blog. I don’t wear pants – only dresses/skirts – so I’m chuffed to be here. Great dress. Must. Have. Now.


  7. Plus it is on the bias. Anything in a red or pink plaid that is on the bias should be purchased just on principle.


  8. Thanks for showing my dress Erin! I wish the pictures could pick up on the great pleats on the skirting! They are beautiful flat, perfectly matched knife pleats!xoxoCherie


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