Linktastic Friday No. 4

Vogue 5161

Candy at Contentment Farm has a bunch of patterns up on eBay right now, including the one above. Don't you love the soft pleats on the skirt?

Eirlys sends dice-shaped tape measures, guaranteed to make sewing more of a crapshoot than it already is.

Totally make-you-want-to-learn-to-knit vintage patterns for short-sleeved cardigans at Little Grey Bungalow. [from Sewretro List]

Paper wedding dresses that look as if you can actually dance in them (instead of standing very very still so as not to spill dress-melting champagne on oneself). [From Lisa at Miss Helene's, who also reminded me about the Duck Tape Prom Dress contest.]

And speaking of paper dresses, Theresa found a link to a paper Warhol soup-can dress. It's long sold, but the lovely folks at Memphis Vintage left the image up for us to wonder at. Thanks!

If you're not signed up for the Museum at FIT's email notifications, you might want to … they have some really interesting exhibitions (Madame Grés!) coming up.

I hate (and I mean HATE) St. Patrick's Day (when your name is Erin you hate St. Patrick's Day — damn it, I'm Scots, doesn't that count for anything? Keep your green-beery hands to yourself!) but Mary Beth (of The Lazy Milliner) sent this, which is both St. Patrick's-Day themed and Obama-related. Just don't spill beer on it, okay?

Brenda (at Cast On, A Podcast for Knitters) sends this link to an exhibition on homemaking at Cornell. She points out the boggling fact that the Home Ec department used to RENT ORPHANS for the students to "practice" mothering. Rent-an-orphan. The world is always weirder than you think it is.

While you're thanking your lucky stars you're not a rentable orphan, check out this 1930s video about the fashions of the year 2000, sent by Leia. Weirdly enough, there's no mention of Prada OR Marc Jacobs.

I know nothing about this; I haven't even visited the link. But it was pitched to me as the "First Fashion Blog in Uzbekistan", and I'm afraid that if I visit it, it will turn out to be a parody site, and I want to Believe. Let it be Uzbekistan: fashion forward! (And not a bunch of bored college kids auditioning for The Onion.)

Marion sent a link to Spoonflower, which had a survey up (closed now, I'm sorry!) about what kind of on-demand fabric printing you might want, at what price. Needless to say, this URL is on my watchlist. If any of you feel so inclined, you might want to email them and tell 'em you want it too!

Jen (at MOMSpatterns) sent this vintage-patterns-themed bracelet (from Etsy seller The Other Sister).

I know I've mentioned REMO t-shirts before, but now they have this offer where you can get a free t-shirt!

REMO General Store

You DO still have to pay shipping (from AUSTRALIA) but their t-shirts are so wonderful; they have really good women's sizes, and they wash beautifully … I'm even wearing one right now!

And one last thing before I forget, this has nothing to do with dresses, but it's the funniest thing I've read all week: Paul Ford does six-word reviews of ALL 763 SXSW mp3s. And I mean "laugh-out-loud" funny. (See how linktastic Friday lets me thwart the constraints of this medium?)

And that's all for this linktastic Friday. If you're going to send me a link (which I encourage!) and you want me to link your name to a site, make sure to include your URL … if you're sending me a link to Your Own Stuff, that's fine, but make sure you tell me that. Also, I (and my inbox) greatly prefer LINKS to large images, rather than the images themselves …

Enjoy your weekend …

0 thoughts on “Linktastic Friday No. 4

  1. The Uzbekistan fashion blog is legit and interesting. Now I know how to say important things like “gladiator sandals” and “Jessica Alba” in Russian, which somehow never came up in my college classes.


  2. Oh Erin! We love St. Pat’s day, AND Scottish people and the color green.I feel duty bound to declare my St. Patrick’s Day formal cocktail hat is the perfect classy millinery creation for those who would rather sip wine than glug green beer. I made it two years ago and still love it worn with a matching stole and lbd.Have a peek…it is pictured on my blogs banner:


  3. I went to the FIT museum last Friday, and have been recommending it ever since. The Madame Gres exhibit was fantastic, as was the other one, about the “exotic” in fashion.Small, free, convenient — all excellent qualities in a museum.- Jesse


  4. I’m relieved that pattern bracelet is sold out. Because I *really* don’t need to be spending any extra money right now…–Lydia


  5. *And not to take away anything from Uncle Henry and his accomplishment, I wonder if his wife, my Aunt Sis, who was ALSO a professor at Cornell at the time, had anything to do with “encouraging” his establishing the Infant Care and Resource Center … that and four kids …


  6. I have a friend who was one of those “rented” babies in PA in the ’60s. Apparently, by the time she got to her adoptive parents she refused to be put down, ever, because the young ladies in the cottage had carried her everywhere.


  7. I’m a non-Irish Erin who doesn’t hate St. Patrick’s Day, but since I married an Irish fellow (several generations removed from nationality but still 110% ethnic Irish) I had to learn to like it. I already liked green in clothing and disdained dying food, drink, and rivers green (sorry Chicago) so I had a good start. Now I know more about Irish history–and best of all, Irish music!–than I thought possible for one non-Irish person to know. ire go brch, baby. [I’m pretty sure I’m actually more genetically Scottish than Irish, myself, with a name like Stevenson, but I don’t have a way to verify that.]


  8. That video of 2000 fashion from the 1930’s is AWESOME. Some of those things really do look like amazing combinations of the two decades, too. And the cordless phone on the guy’s jumpsuit! Rockin’.And, as an Austinite, thank you for the SXSW link. Cracked me up. We natives will be very glad when everybody goes away this weekend and we can have our city, our musicians, and our right to make snarky comments about both all to ourselves again. 🙂


  9. where is the link about renting orphans? i am thinking of fostering cats, and this seems like some sort of strange sign from… dressaday?


  10. I actually bought that bracelet. It arrived today, and even my hubby said it’s cute. That must mean something. It’s adorable!And we could only wish that people dressed as well as that video predicted, though that one dress with the swirly boobage reminded me of Madonna’s cone shaped bra top.


  11. Loved the video! And I do believe that I’ve seen those “canti-levered” shoes they predicted in some recent fashion shows!


  12. I have squandered an entire day checking out South by Southwest, but in return I have discovered the exact sound of “curling Victorian wallpaper” (what an apt description for Stephanie Dosen’s dreary music) and an orchestral prodigy to watch (Brooke Waggoner). After the six word SXSW reviews this week and Liana’s paperdolls last week, I think I’ll just clear my calendar for Linktastic Fridays from now on!Becky


  13. i do wholeheartedly love the dice measuring tape. if i ever get back into sewing, i want dice measuring tape.-jaeps. we linked our blog to yours, hope that`s okay with you!


  14. I’ve checked out the Uzbeck Blog, and it really looks genuine (It’s in Russian, though! – I knew my degree would come in useful one day.) If you want to post there, you’ll need a cyrillic keyboard!


  15. what a cool pattern-theme bracelet! which begs the question, how shall i wear that, while sewing, and not have it come down over my wrist and poke its nose into my work?but ah well, it’s sold, so i shan’t have to answer that most terribly sorry to read about your dad. he sounds like he was a gorgeous man. you’ve made me cry in sympathy with you. funny how reading your blog regularly makes me feel like i somehow *know* you…


  16. Erin, great batch of links. As far as your feelings on St. Patrick’s day, isn’t the root word for “Scottish” Latin for “Irish”. I grew up in a mixed-race household (According to Grandma Mahoney!) and my Scots mother always played along with the green. If you are REALLY upset about it, wear a bright orange dress today!Semper Fi,Terry


  17. Just remembered that I recently saw listed on a famous auction site a piece of fabric with “poker dots”. It looked just like regular spotted fabric to me, but I bet it would go nicely with those die tape measures. My sewing adventures are always a little dicey, which is why most of my fabric lies uncut and well out of harm’s way. Fabric-cutting anxiety: anybody else suffer from it? Please discuss! How did you start on the road to recovery?


  18. I loved that movie about the fashions of the future, thanks for the link! I loved it so much I had to draw a paperdoll of the convertible dress. Thanks for the inspiration!


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