But *this* one has a zipper!

McCalls 4118

Even though I now probably have enough shirtwaist patterns to paper my sewing room with them (not that I *would*, but I could), this one caught my eye … it has a zipper! A center-front zipper, which you hardly ever see on non-athletic clothing any more.

If I made this I'd do it in some kind of fine black lawn with one of those fancy rhinestone zippers. Which reminds me: I really need to do a big online notions/zippers/etc. order: what sites do you all recommend? I should compile a list …

And speaking of lists, yes, this marks the second Friday that has been bereft of linktasticness, but my wifi connection while traveling has been a bit … unreliable. And linktasticity needs, above all, reliable internet, so I can follow all those links to their stunning conclusions. But keep those links coming; the next one is likely to be overwhelming. You'll need to set aside a whole morning just to click them all …

(Oh, and in this picture, don't you think Flowered Dress has just said something completely inane to Green Dress? I think so, too, but I can't decide what it was. If you know, leave a comment, please!)

0 thoughts on “But *this* one has a zipper!

  1. I like this odd-ball little eBay store called birdcishop56I found it doing a zipper search but ended up spending a bunch of time looking through their quirky, seemingly random, off the wall, and delightfully cheap trims and notions. Now I have a huge bag full of inspiration. Check it out.Flower dress (quoting Oscar Wilde) “They’re wearing the chins quite high this year.”Green dress: “Oh, give me a break!”


  2. LOVE vintage patterns, and your site is always awesome for inspiration!For notions, I buy 99% of mine through an online coop, I do have a retail license too though when I need to do MAJOR purchasing! LOL!


  3. Zipperstop is on Ebay and they have everything you could ever want in zippers (Riri, rhinestone). Although I have to warn you that cotton lawn is a thin fabric and it will need to be reinforced if you want to use a rhinestone zipper, they’re pretty heavy.


  4. Flowered dress: “No really, the hair was sticking straight out of her nose!”Green dress is thinking: “She is one to talk!”YD is turned away to do a quick booger check.


  5. I love it that you actually managed to give a story to the picture!Here goes: Flowered dress to green dress. “Honey, is your boyfriend still two-timing you with yellow dress?”


  6. I’m sorry, I just can’t get past how green dress’s wasp waist makes her hips look like towel hooks. Flower dress has no room to point fingers, though.And thanks for all the info on zippers; I had no idea all these options existed online!Dawn


  7. FD to GD: Can you believe her? Using the same pattern as us and wearing it to the same party?GD: Really, the nerve.YD: (thought bubble) They’re just jealous that I have the best assets of both their dresses: sleeves and full skirt.


  8. Double sigh….I agree with you KC, I wish too it was Several Dresses A Day. I love the dresse, they are so intoxicatngly feminine and pretty….I would love to own them all (planning midnight raid of Erin’s stash). If only time machines could take us back ….sigh. I love it all.


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