Tucks Everlasting


I don't think I've talked about how much I love tucks. There's no reason for it; I just do. And tucks combined with a Peter Pan collar … whoa, Nellie. (Why is this one too small for me? Why?)

I even love the faux dickey. Weirdly, I don't like real dickeys, but give me a faker version of an essentially fake thing, and I'm all over it.

This one is from Jen at MOMSPatterns.com, and I would just like to taunt you all with the fact that when I was in Florida last week I MET JEN. And, as will surprise NO ONE, she is awesome. That is all.

Actually, that is not all; I've been traveling a lot and have realized that I have a strange habit of smiling at people on the street (even in NYC where you're not supposed to). I'm trying to make a list of things/people I will smile at, and here's a start:

  • babies (no brainer)
  • people who are wearing more than two very bright colors at the same time
  • older men (>65) who are wearing non-baseball hats
  • older women (>65) with "done" hair ("ladies", really)
  • anyone wrassling a tantrumy toddler (they need all they sympathy they can get)
  • anyone I catch rolling their eyes at some obliviously rude person, like someone gesticulating with a lit cigarette on a crowded sidewalk
  • robots (okay, I haven't really met any robots on the street, but if I did, I would smile at them. Even if they had their lasers trained on me.

What's your list? Is there anything you used to smile at but don't anymore? I used to smile at young people dressed in full traditional punk-rock garb, but then I realized that smiling at them in the "aw, you're so adorable with your safety pins and your black eyeliner!" way only pissed them off. So now I pretend to ignore them, and they're happy again.

0 thoughts on “Tucks Everlasting

  1. So, may I ask.. how is your name pronounced? ‘Air-leese’ is how I imagine it.. It really is lovely !AH the many times I was out in public trying to be discreet with a BABY BLANKET thown over my shoulder and having LITTLE TINY FEET hanging out the other side.. only to have said blanket LIFTED so someone could see what was going on under there. Could I not BE any more obvious? lol Still yes.. a smiling moment.


  2. San Antonio Sue, it’s possible that the Nipons reduced their pattern line (or, um, lost the contract) when Albert went to jail.I always smile at: kitties. My day is better when I get to say “Hi!” to random kitties.


  3. I smile and make eye contact with:-Every sales clerk I come across-Men who open the door for others-I’m afraid of children so I don’t smile at them and terrified of babies so they don’t get smiles-Dogs (along with a “hello baby and some good scratching)-Cranky Old Women and Men yelling in thrift stores because I love the entertainment and they are encouraged to continue-My Hubby as much as possible. It helps him forget how awful I am to live with.I also try t include gracious “Thank yous” as much as it is applicable.This was fun! Do it again!


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