Those Crazy Kids!

Simplicity 3996

Cecelia sent this to me (because of the pockets, obviously) and isn't it just neato keen? It's a teen pattern, which makes me think that probably someone, somewhere, saw this dress made up and clucked over the ridiculous habits of "kids today," with their enormous pockets and their lack of respect for authority.

This illustration, all by itself, is the plot of a Hayley Mills movie, isn't it? About orphan teen bank robbers. They (both roles played by Ms. Mills) are on a two-girl crime spree (and hunted by the police and all the papers, who think that they are not teens, but master criminals, albeit of very short stature) until they are befriended by a kindly bank guard (played by Morgan Freeman) who inspires them to change their ways. Somebody make that for me, okay? Thanks.

Oh, and speaking of crazy kids, do y'all remember Rebecca (of course you do, she designed this) and Trish (of They're currently working on a book called "One Yard Wonders," and are looking for really cool projects that can be made with no more than a yard of fabric. More details are here.

Please submit projects because I have a LOT of one-yard leftovers that I would really like to use up …

0 thoughts on “Those Crazy Kids!

  1. Since in addition to being an aspiring dress-maker, I’m a quilter, too, a full, contiguous yard left-over is on the order of a unicorn sighting.I think I could comfortable curl up for a nap in one of those pockets.And for the movie: a nice social worker or school teacher with a heart of gold but who could never really reach the ‘terrible two’ and who becomes a love interest for Morgan’s character would be a nice subplot. Actress for this role: please discuss.


  2. When I saw the Vivienne Westwood show in SF last year, I learned that she started her sewing life by making dresses for herself from just one yard. Of course it was the 60s and the dresses were up to HERE! But, could it be done today? I would love it.


  3. Skirts for my daughters! I just made 6 for the daughter who’s starting law school. Now, granted, she’s a skinny girl (not anorexic, just a fast metabolism, the lucky duck!), but it only takes a yard for a straight, knee length skirt for her.


  4. I do pillow cases with 1 YD. of fabric. I absolutely love the ones I make much better than store ones (unless of course you can afford to buy the really expensive ones – I can’t!) Just fold, stitch bottom and one side – turn for a 4″ edging – and you have a great, personalized pillowcase – and it covers the whole pillow, none of that peeking out on the end from commercial cases. This is also a beginner project for young and old alike.


  5. I make pillow cases too. The homemade kind are much nicer than the bought kind. A little effort makes them fancy. These are especially fun for gifts. A fun gift for kids is pajamas and a matching pillowcase.


  6. Other one yard options are shorts, scarves, sleeveless shirts, and tablerunners and napkins [one yard makes four].


  7. I like to make mix-and-match placemats with 1-yard pieces — you just need some coordinating colors, and you can make ’em double-sided too.


  8. You know those two bank robbing teens smuggle all the cash and safety deposit box contents out in the hidden pockets inside those skirts!Everyone is distracted by the plunging necklines and don’t notice the crinoline overload in the skirts! šŸ™‚


  9. Oh, a one-yard fabric project! That is SO up my street that it’s just walked in my door and is cosying up on the sofa! I’m getting goosebumps. It’s just the kind of thrift project our post-credit-crunch world needs.


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