Andrew Henry Exclamation

Kathleen (and possibly one other person, I'm sorry, I can't remember!) gave me the heads-up about this fabric, and I finally got around to buying some today. I think I bought five yards, which is A LOT, but then again, you can't skimp on a dress made with EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Exclamation Points need a lot of *volume*, I think.

Although, in fact, the first thing that comes to mind is to make the yellow-birds dress again, in black (or maybe red?), with the exclamation points as the collar, cuffs, and pockets. What do you all think?

I also secretly want http://equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=99011&sid=93LKiA1@SHdS6hH-48108604522.55 (not so secretly now) but I don't know why. And usually I don't have a thing for butterflies. I think it's the deep plum color.

Of course, I completely forgot to take a picture of my dress yesterday, but there was somebody taking photographs at the event, so I have high hopes of getting one somehow. Photos from last week Thursday and Friday to come soon …


0 thoughts on “!!!

  1. Lots and Lots of volume! That fabric is…….I am at a lost for words. so I will just say !!!!Can’t wait to see what dress you make from this fabric.


  2. If you don’t make a “dress” which is beyond me if you don’t! What about a coat? You know, one of the coats from say the 40/50’s? You know, one that is long and full and has a high collar? If you do make a dress… I’m all for the black with the !!!!!! as trim!


  3. That fabric hurts my eyes. Might be the high contrast onscreen, but ow. I tihnk it would look nice as trim on the yellow-bird dress. I can’t think of what to put for the dress itself, though– just black would be soothing, certainly, but that’s my eyes talking, not yours.


  4. I briefly thought that maybe this entry was about a dance punk band named !!! (you can say it by repeating any single syllable sound three times; usually it’s Chk Chk Chk).I think white would look lovely with the trim, and some black topstitching.


  5. !That is amazing. I must have eeeeet! My friend accuses me of exclamation point over-use. I would make myself a big rock n roll skirt out of this and go and exclaim in her general direction. Heh!


  6. Erin, I sent you a link to this a few weeks ago and have been wondering when/if it would show up here!!! I’m the woman who sent you a link to an apron with REALLY BIG pockets, too!!!Trim would work, I think, depending on the scale of the exclamation points to the pieces. Have fun and do it SOON!!!!Jan


  7. Great print, but it is going to read as horizontal stripes, so I think using it for trim is a great idea. How about mixing it with a red and white or black and white gingham check? Now THAT would be a statement!


  8. a circle skirt of exclamation points on pretty much any bodice would be AWESOME. Which, by the way, means that you have figured out what patterns you used to make the bird seed dress? Because some of us have been in love with that one for quite a while.


  9. I love this fabric and think it would also make a great skirt and my son says he wants a Hawaiian style shirt out of it. Too cute!


  10. What?! Erin likes something PURPLE?That’s it. This, along with my country’s pending financial DOOM, signal the end of the world.Now’s as good a time to make a dress as any, then!


  11. the violet print is very nice and i like it, too. but does it matter that it is a “bulky” home dec item? will it feel like a dress when you wear it?


  12. well I have to confess, I’d be tempted to make the dress out of the !!! and the trim out of black or white or red or whatever. I mean – add a cardigan, and maybe a belt, and you’ve covered up a good portion of it anyway… so why not go for it?! 🙂


  13. This fabric makes me think of the discussion awhile back about the lining of an overskirt. I think this would look great peeking out from underneath, as well as the facing for turned back cuffs and pockets. I’m also thinking about that wild black and orange alphabet dress with blackbirds (that’s how I wound up here in the first place). That arrangement could work great for this assertive fabric, also. Skirt, collar and cuffs of the exclamation points, bodice and sleeves of black. You could even do a matching headband or hair tie, because it is so over the top, you might as well just go there.Off topic: I am trying to learn the Wiki ways and get some stuff up in the Vintage Patterns Wiki. Wow! I am loving it, there is so much eye candy there!


  14. Bird dress with contrast color/cuff? Absolutely! Assertive fabric? Most definitely! Favorite idea? Big cape style coat with 3/4 sleeves and high collar! Yummy!!!


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