Name That Pattern!

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Deborah writes in with a plaintive request: does anyone know what the pattern number is of the McCalls pattern on the cover of Blueprints of Fashion?

If you know (or better yet, if you HAVE) this pattern, please leave a comment … I *think* I've seen this one before, but considering I can't even remember the number of the Walk-Away Dress, there's no way I'd ever be able to pull three or four digits out of my noggin for this one.

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0 thoughts on “Name That Pattern!

  1. Well, I can’t help with the dress, but the hat is definitely modeled on Schiaparelli’s ‘harlequino’ model from the 40s..


  2. I have the book at home. I’ll look to see if he provides the information on the inside text and will comment tomorrow if nobody else does.It’s a fabulous book, BTW! Well worth the price!


  3. As long as we’re pattern hunting, does anyone know the Pattern make and model for the yellow dress on Penelopepup’s Vintage ad?


  4. That is a good book, as are the others that go along with it. Good luck on finding that number…Can you imagine how hard this job would be without the internet?


  5. Your mentioning of the walkaway dress brought to mind all the various alterations folk have done to get it fitting. Then I came across this it seemed appropriate.Time is a dressmaker, specializing in alterations; Faith Baldwin (1893-1978) US writer Susan


  6. wade laboissonniere is actually designing a show at Goodspeed Theatre in CT now so you might reach him there.Sorry I don’t have the number handy but google will !


  7. I suggest a quick call to the publisher and ask them”We are always happy to assist you in any way we can, and we try our best to provide answers quickly. You are free to email us any time at, or you may call us at 610-593-1777 M-F 8:30-5:30 EST, or fax us at 610-593-2002.”Carol Extreme Cards and Papercrafting


  8. Sadly, I can’t help with the number of that drop-dead-gorgeous dress, but I’m *seriously* digging the author’s name. LaBoissoniere? That’s approximately “drink-maker” or “bartender” in English, but it sure sounds elegant en francais.


  9. I just looked inside my copy of this book, and it says “Cover photo: Courtesy of the McCall Pattern Company.” Maybe it is a McCall’s? Looks like very early 50’s to me.


  10. It is a wonderful study of actual sewing patterns…the art and the history. There are examples of patterns from the years included in each of the 2 books, the Fifties and the Forties. They are a wonderful resource for pattern collectors and sellers. They also have invaluable date lists for dating patterns. I just wish he’d come out with a 60s and 70s version! Tina


  11. I wonder if it’s NOT be a “McCalls” pattern but a Vogue–the McCalls company owns both Butterick and Vogue brands. When I saw it I thought VOGUE, which would explain a lot.Carol


  12. Truth be told, I’m wondering if it might not even be a pattern. It could simply be an illustration done for McCalls.I agree with Carol, though, it looks very Vogue. When I go to work today I’ll have a looksie in some of the McCalls and Vogue pattern catalogues from the 50s.


  13. Carol and Alyssa, I think you two are probably the closest to solving the mystery of the dress. To everyone else, thank you for your input! Deborah


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