Pull Tab To Open

Butterick 6354

Beth sent me a link to this dress (at Sew-Retro, now sold) and asked if anyone else had noticed how "pull tab to open" this pattern is … which I hadn't, but now that's she's pointed this out, I will never be able to UNsee it. So, um, thanks?

She also sent this one, which is even obvious-er:

Advance 4906

Anyone else have some good examples? Considering that I will not be able to make anything like this now that I have both seen the possibilities and posted about them … I should be grateful to have some things taken off my "to-sew" list, actually!

Oh, and, speaking of the "to-sew" list … Hotpatterns is having a $5.99 sale on all their no-sweat easy-sew patterns! Grab 'em while you can …

0 thoughts on “Pull Tab To Open

  1. Honestly, I LOVE the Butterick and would totally sew it–maybe in a soft linen for spring??–but the Advance is kinda creepy. Like, way creepy.


  2. That goes so nicely with the advice on the lid of a jar I have – “Reject if button can be depressed”. Depressed buttons. Lovely.


  3. I like the butterick pattern and I see what you mean. If I have never been told of the pull tab to open it would never have occurred to me. However now that is all that I see of it. But I guess it would be great for a quick change! lol!


  4. Well, the bodice of that Advance pattern would be a good way to use up embroidered tea towels or something. (Any corner monograms could go right in the front.) Thrifty!


  5. The Butterick looks like it has a ‘safety button’ across the top to prevent “accidental opening”.The advance looks like it belongs on a stripper! The pull tab is kind of suggestive. Especially in stripes! 🙂


  6. Oh, that second one? In banana yellow, it would be so “appealing”. Get it- a peeling? Heehee!I love the idea of using a vintage embroidered something to highlight that “tab”- that would be cute!


  7. I actually love tabbed dresses. I have the Advance one, but it is in a really tiny size :(I have often thought this same thought.


  8. oh but I love the butterick dress! possibly the accompanying pull-tab thoughts would just make me happier – i’m a sucker for funny…


  9. Ooh I just found one on ebay! It’s sort of a variation on the Butterick one – but there are TWO tabs!!http://cgi.ebay.ca/Vintage-Mail-Order-Anne-Adams-DRESS-Sewing-Pattern_W0QQitemZ190255897645QQihZ009QQcategoryZ11801QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem(Does it work to post URLs on here?)I really like the style, but it’s too big for me (Boo-urns)I love love love your blog btw! You have totally inspired me. When I am allowed to do machine sewing again come June, I want to use all kinds of my vintage patterns!You have also made me spend money now with the links you have posted. So now you must, of course, die.love,Carolyn :o)


  10. Hm, I love the pull-tab-to-open detail! Such a cute dress (the first one especially) and I would ONLY tell my husband about the “tab” and tell him it was for his use only, LOL!!!


  11. I love those, but I must be over-tired: My first though on seeing that one with the pull-tab was of those T-shirts that have arrows and say, “I’m with stupid.”


  12. Love the neckline of the Butterick. How hard would it be to just cut the left front of the bodice straight instead of with tab? Seems like an easy fix to me.


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