Meet Our Advertisers #10: Holly of Freudian Slips Vintage

Persian Dress

how long have you been in business?
2 years sourcing vintage for private/design clients, then launched in Autumn 2007.

what motivated you to go into the vintage clothing business?
My previous life as a commercial fashion designer was becoming all about designing to fit into increasingly tight cost margins, and was no longer about creating beautiful things, setting up a vintage business enabled me to continue to be creative whilst working with beautiful clothes, and no sweatshops either!

what did you do before this?
I worked as a freelance fashion designer, designing womenswear for companies including Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley

where are you based?
London, UK

More fun questions:
what's the weirdest/best/craziest/most beautiful thing you've ever found?
The most beautiful dress I've found recently, as I think it's so red carpet worthy and the colour is so unusual is this vintage 1940's Roecliffe and Chapman yellow draped gown and I also love this gold 1930's jacket, as it has huge crazy furnishing style tassels and the fabric is incredible!!

what do you have in stock that you can't believe hasn't sold?
This gorgeous black Frank Starr crepe goddess gown with bakelite belt, it's searching for a tiny waisted owner!

what do you dream about finding?
I got engaged In May so the hunt is now officially on for the perfect vintage wedding dress for me (selfish I know!!) I have an art deco engagement ring, so now need the dress to match!

what do you enjoy most about working with vintage?
The thrill of the hunt! that constant feeling that the most amazing vintage 1940's floral silk dress is just lurking, waiting for you to find it, at the bottom of the next box stuffed full of 70's scratchy polyester delights …

what do you wish someone would ask you about your site?
Can I purchase all of your most fabulous and expensive items straight away for the wardrobe of a huge Hollywood movie set in the 1940's etc. …

it's a good day at work when …
I get an email from a customer telling me they love their new dress, or I find a huge stash of mint condition, gorgeous new stock.

if I ran the internet for a day I'd …
Somehow eradicate all the spammers, just so I never get one more email offering me inappropriate pharmaceuticals or telling me I'm being offered the deal of a lifetime by a Russian oil magnate …

the blogs I read (other than ADAD are …)
zuburbia, go fug yourself, the Vintage Fashion Guild blog and tons of other vintage fashion sellers' blogs when I have time

you'd laugh if you knew this about me …
I still ride my immaculate 1980's (bought as a teenager) push bike with Duran Duran style logos and orange neon paintwork, as I don't see the point of buying a new one, much to Mr Freudian Slips' amusement …

0 thoughts on “Meet Our Advertisers #10: Holly of Freudian Slips Vintage

  1. Hi Jen, nice to meet you too! I should get round to posting a oic of the bike on my blog – although I think it may be a slight disappointment as it doesn’t have Duran Duran faces on it or anything quite so fun – but Raleigh were obviously inspired by them at the time and named the frame “Reflex” which is all over it in a v.Eighties font in orange neon… it always makes that song pop into my head!


  2. The bike sounds like a hoot! Of course, you could always sell it off to an ’80s junkie and buy an older Raleigh, Triumph or BSA to compliment your lovely vintage clothes. My husband has suggested that I might enjoy a mountain bike, but I couldn’t part with my BSA.


  3. Welcome from Alberta Canada, and it was great to read about your history… I absolutely love those rich pictures on the about us page, lush green foliage UK style, gorgeous dresses.. what a lovely site.. Thank you for sharing.. Penny


  4. Hi Wundermary – I have been tempted to buy a ‘Pashley Princess’ which is a gorgeous repro of a vintage bike, with a leather saddle and wicker shopping basket etc on the front, so maybe when my 80’s one finally gives up the ghost I might treat myself! Your BSA sounds wonderful..Hi Penny – So glad you liked the site! The photos you liked were from Marie Claire, shot at this amazing stately home with great gardens,and the tea party inspired styling was great – it always fun when I loan out dresses to magazines to see the end result!


  5. I could wear that black gown! That is, if someone gave me 150… *sigh* All your stock is so pretty, Holly! And thanks Erin for introducing us to her!I agree that the bike should be photographed and posted!


  6. Hi holly,
    I have been searching far and wide on the Internet for a dress of yours! I must have it for my wedding. It’s amazing. Anyway, I can’t find an active website or phone number. If you’re still around (I know this is an old thread), could you please email me? I have a photo I can send to you.
    Thanks in advance!


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