Blog Action Day: Poverty

Oh, hey, folks: it's Blog Action Day. And I was resolved not to miss it this year, and what did I post about this morning? Shoes. sigh

This year's Blog Action Day topic is "poverty" — and usually, when we think of poverty, we've been conditioned to think poverty is a problem Someplace Else, someplace far away, where we see news reports of barefoot children and people lined up with begging bowls.

But, of course, people are poor everywhere (some people in our own neighborhoods are poorer today than they've ever been). And so one of my favorite charities has always been the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It's hard to be hungry — and harder still to be hungry in a country where there's fast food on every block, sugary drinks advertised on every billboard, and where an apple can cost more than a hamburger.

If you want to help your neighbors get enough to eat, please do consider making a donation to your local food bank or food pantry.

And (on a lighter note) if you want to help one of our vintage-pattern neighbors …

Advance 8434

Rita at Cemetarian is updating her site, and wants to know what you think of the recent changes. If you make a useful suggestion, she'll offer you a 20% off coupon! And then you can send your savings to the food bank, and everyone's happy!

0 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Poverty

  1. What a spectacular, all-purpose pattern. I can just hear the ladies, perhaps sisters saving pennies by sharing a pattern, talking about their new dresses.#2 — I made mine in a practical cotton print. The day just starts off better when I know that I look good to my husband over breakfast and that I needn’t be worried about my clothes if my neighbor’s city visitors see me while I’m hanging laundry out.#3 — Brown linen stays fresh and smart all day while I’m out running errands. I ran into Mrs. Banker, the PTA president, and didn’t have to give my clothes a moment’s thought. She’s considering appointing me president of the library committee.#1 — My black silk is will give me years of service for dinner parties and concerts. If I change my belt and my jewelry no one will ever know I only have one silk dress.If only I had the sisters’ long neck and lovely shoulders to wear that cut.


  2. Don’t feel bad about buying shoes. After all, you are contributing to the incomes of a number of people when you do that. They can buy food and clothing for themselves and their families. They are also paying taxes and giving to charities. I would much rather buy stuff from a small businessperson than offer them charity. And I’m pretty sure most of them would prefer that as well.


  3. WOW! in less than 24 hours the response has been fantastic. I’ve received some very good suggestions and all of them valid. I wish I could do everything at once but sadly that can’t happen but I am taking every single suggestion to heart and working on it.Keep em coming ya’ll!Rita


  4. The necklines on 23 are lovely. I especially love the collar on 3.Also, Girl Scouts are doing their fall nut sale right now. When I was a girl scout a few years back, I remember during spring cookie sales that one could make a donation of cookies to their local food bank. They might be doing the same program during the fall with nuts.


  5. I missed blog action day, too. I keep meaning to tell you that I’m in love with your blog, but didn’t have a chance before now. So…I love your blog! LOL


  6. The drawing is soooo beautiful the dresses are so vintage, Bleu Clothing has a great line of dresses from all the top designers..ya ya, black halo, 3.1 phillip check em out


  7. Hi Erin,We’ve been donating our extra apples from our apple trees to the local food pantry. Everyone benefits, except the groundhogs and deer, but that’s not a bad thing. ;)JillDungeon minion


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