A Dress A Day: An Artist's Rendering

So, didja miss me? Sorry to be AWOL for most of last week — I was at Pop!Tech08, and Pop!Tech is the kind of conference that is so engrossing you forget about the entire outside world, including your sadly neglected blog.

I talked for five minutes (and possibly some seconds over, although nobody would tell me how many). One of the many cool things about Pop!Tech is that they have a real live artist interpreting all the talks … Peter Durand, from alphachimp.

So I wore this dress:

liberty shirtdress

And this is the artist's rendering:

wordnik dress

I should point out that I wore blue tights and brown shoes, and not brown tights and blue shoes as shown in the picture, but I think that's permissible artistic license. And it's not like I *wouldn't* have worn perfectly matching blue shoes if I only had a pair …

Cool, huh? I think the artist really rose to the occasion — and remember, I spoke for FIVE MINUTES, so he had just that long to do this picture in!

With any luck this week we will return to our regularly scheduled dress blogging. Also: I'm working on a rant about underwear: do you guys want to read it?

29 thoughts on “A Dress A Day: An Artist's Rendering

  1. Frankly, I think he missed on the hair, but that’s just me. Yes! I want to read the rant about underwear, and I’m waiting to read your holding-forth on tights. – Evalyn


  2. Cool picture.I’m helping my homeschooled daughter learn art and one of her current projects is to learn to use the artist’s eye that not only sees what is really there but also what could be there and what should be there. I don’t know if she’d have seen blue shoes or not. My mere, mundane eyes see red shoes (and a red belt and a red headband), but I’m like that. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, I would like to read the underwear rant. Fair warning, I may rant back.


  3. From: The EditorTo: Ms. McKeanI expect a rant about underwear on my desk tomorrow! Underwear is always an appropriate and popular topic for discussion.


  4. Erin,Is that dress vintage, or did you make it yourself? I ask because I am intrigued by the print and would like to track it down if it is a fabric that might still be findable.


  5. Oops, sorry! I just now saw the link in your post, I should have known it was a Liberty because it reminded me a little of Wonderland, my current favorite Liberty print.


  6. I really love that sketch! I attended a wedding where they had a caricaturist, it was really fun! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you frame it and put it in your sewing room, or office. :)Looking forward to the underwear rant!


  7. Great sketch, what no cardigan?An underwear rant – how about a poll…I found some great undies at Nordstrom, and of course, since they were perfect, they were nearly instantly discontinued, so naturally I bought 100’s of pairs, in all colors.


  8. How fabulous to be illustrated!!!! I LOVE IT!I think it is ever so cool to have framed artwork about the house, in which YOU are the subject. MUCH better than photos.


  9. Yes please underwear rant! I’m experiencing some major undergarment angst in relation to a Halloween costume that includes a pair of very tight-fitting white pants combined with my refusal to wear a thong.


  10. Claire,A wise decision, I think. I’ve been in checkout lines behind women in white pants who were wearing thongs and if they had any clue what the wobbling, unsupported flesh looked like they wouldn’t.These were slim women too — 30-something, maybe carrying 5-10 extra pounds of baby weight at the most.


  11. clare, you could try a pair of those invisible, seamless, nude-coloured undies where the top and leg openings are sealed with matching fabrics. I also love the dress and caricature. And I wish I had a pair of blue shoes because I love shoes. It is my firm belief that a person can’t have too many pairs of shoes.Erin, I would love to hear your underwear rant. I love underwear – especially the fancy stuff – but finding things that fit and look sexy or that fit and don’t show can be difficult.


  12. You are much much MUCH prettier than that. He missed the cateye-glasses charm.And of course I want your underwear rant. Does it involve “I finally found the perfect bra and they STOPPED MAKING IT”? Because that’s mine.


  13. I hope your underwear rant will include discussing the high price of a bra that’s ultimately uncomfortable, no matter how many hours you can supposedly wear it! How many engineers does it take to make these things?! Foundation garments, indeed! :-)Dawn


  14. Underwear, yes! And tights oh, please! And if you care to, why have some people never found a comfortable pair of tights in their entire lives? But of course, it’s your rant. : D


  15. I think we ALL have underwear rants and would love to hear yours. I love that dress. I would be happy just knowing one like it was in my closet. That is happy fabric ๐Ÿ™‚


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