My Airship Hostess Dream: One Step Closer to Reality

Simplicity 4378

Wundermary sent me this link (from the wiki) and it's a fantastic airship-hostess dress. I love the asymmetry, especially the pocket.

I think that dirigibles (or airships, or, if you prefer the vulgar term, "blimps") are making a comeback, too … there was one in xkcd this week, and nobody predicts the future like Randall. And there are rumors that Google is investing in airships, too …

So if none of my current projects pan out, there is a definite future for me as an airship hostess. I am *really* looking forward to giving the safety demonstrations. (Traditionally, as you know, the safety demonstrations on airships are done as patter songs, so I will have to take a few singing lessons first. But it will be SO worth it.)

And, as you can see on the pattern, my supervisor's name is very likely to be "Betty Smith."

Oh, and some sale info for you: first of all, Jen is running an "Only Hours Long" sale at that will end at the witching hour of midnight EST on Halloween Friday, October 31, 2008. Save 25% off any order starting *right now* … but the code will vanish into the mist as the clock strikes 12 a.m. Coupon code will be 'bewitched'.

Also, Sandra at Sandritocat is running a special Halloween sale, 15% off excluding shipping, starting TODAY October 29th and running through October 31st. Just mention "Halloween15" in your notes. Sandra is also looking for her 700th sale and a special bonus will be going out to the lucky 700th buyer … and I think this pattern would make an excellent 700th sale!

0 thoughts on “My Airship Hostess Dream: One Step Closer to Reality

  1. I could just imagine the looks if I started wearing that as my office attire. (I work in a software company and for the “geeks”, t-shirts and jeans/casual pants is the official “uniform”.)If only I could fit into that size. I guess i’ll have to make my own airline hostess uniform.


  2. Although I like the theory of the asymmetrical pocket, as the owner of a dress with one pocket, I can affirmatively state, it’s VERY irritating, unless, maybe, the pocket is in the front (like a kangaroo). Perhaps you could put in an invisible side seam pocket on the other side, so as not to run the asymmetry, yet not drive yourself mad looking for the second pocket and appearing as though you are petting your own side whilst doing so (again, speaking from experience).


  3. Just to be pedantic (I’m a copyeditor), dirigible and blimp are not synonyms. Dirigibles had a rigid internal frame (a skeleton, if you will). A blimp does not; it’s just a tailored balloon (full of helium rather than heated air). Or a fat guy.


  4. I speak from experience, and am FAIRLY certain the woman on the right is a drag queen “of a certain age”. Sort of a slimmer Quinten Crisp. The sleeveless version looks very Down-And-Dirty-Ready…like you can quickly right all the furniture onboard that’s covered with salad dressing if the balloon takes a dip.


  5. I *heart* this pattern and wasn’t surprised it sold so quickly! I love the *run your hand down your buttons sideways and BAM hand’s in the pocket* aspect!Thanks for the shout out, Erin!


  6. I saw the Zeppelin both in the air and moored at Moffett field — it’s so lovely! I’m trying to find a way to justify the $500 ticket for a ride. Maybe if I made myself an airship hostess dress, then I would be obligated to ride in an airship?


  7. Erin thanks so much for the link to Sandricat’s shop. I am now 4 patterns richer! What a find!BTW, I’ve been an “airship hostess” (flight attendant for Southwest Airlines) and listen, you won’t get ANY sewing done. It’s not the job for you, believe me! (just dress like one, and you’ll be much happier!) :)xox


  8. I missed this yesterday.I like the 3/4 sleeves, but with the scarf instead of the collar.And somewhere there ought to be epaulettes or, at least, large, highly-polished insignia. But should they be gold for elegance or space-age chrome?


  9. I have an LP record of The Pirates of Penzance that I love. Major-General Stanleys song, “I am the very model of a modern Major-General” is so very awesome. I think Danny Kaye then as the male model steward for any Google airship? Female model stewardess I can’t imagine.


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