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Butterick 7649

I wish someone hadn't snapped up this pattern (from Lanetz Living) before I got to it … it's one of those ones that I want just for the illustration. The ecstatic trance that Coat Woman is in … can I have what she's having, please?

And I like that the original owner of the pattern had to re-focus attention to the actual dress illustration with the scribbled "This" — you know, since all eyes are so obviously elsewhere.

Why don't we wear these coat/dress combos any more? I know it seems a bit overkillish (or inconvenient) to have a separate coat for every dress, but I really wish I did. And that they were weightless and massless, so that I could cram them all into my suitcase. Now that the weather's gotten colder my packing is always dependent on whatever coat I can take that will go with everything in my suitcase … and nothing ever does.

I am currently searching for a green leather coat, which I think (ha!) will go with everything I ever wear. I want a single-breasted green leather vintage coat with a slightly frock-coaty vibe, and as far as I can tell, this Does Not Exist. (If you've seen one, you know where to find me.) Green goes with black AND brown AND gray AND the darker reds and oranges that I like, and leather can be dressy or sporty (and doesn't show dirt as much). And if it's vintage, of course, it has that kind of beat-up, broken-in cool … oh, why can't I find you, Perfect Coat?

The square neckline with the kimono sleeves is also wonderful, isn't it? The little tucks really make it special. Too bad they're hidden under the coat …

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  1. Oh La Belladonna, now that’s just painful… because… I was actually thinking of doing a range that is secretly (secret because my tutors are all male and deeply anti-bridal) modern-day bridalwear (my degree is bespoke tailoring, so it’s within the parameters as far as I’m concerned if it’s made of wool). Having been obsessed with bridalwear for the past 10 years or so, I’m really, really bored of the long white dress, but there are very few other options, especially for winter weddings. So how about some tailored coats and dresses with a bit of colour and drama thrown in? It could work!That’s really sad about the Hefty bags. I Googled bridal coat/winter wedding not long ago and the choices are dismal. I’m sure someone’s missing a trick here! It seems such an easy add-on to me (there’s a word the fashion retailers use for it but I can’t remember what it is) – winter bride, in bridal shop, offered a range of coats or wraps… guaranteed sale nine times out of 10 I’d think.


  2. is it boring just to say that you crack me, as usual. i like imagining the woman’s state of mind who drew that arrow, like, “must not be seduced by the state of rapture! must focus of practical dress!” erin, you slay me.


  3. I went hunting for a Burda pattern similar to this just because I wanted to make a matching coat/dress outfit. I first saw it on Audrey Hepburn, but the image I can never get out of my head is Barbara Streisand suddenly turning around to face some guy in some movie, and her coat elegantly flares open, to reveal the lining is identical to the adorable flowered dress she is wearing. I want that look.


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