Ain't No Stopping Us Now

I'm going to post all the fabulous Christmas and Holiday links I got today if it kills me.

Luckily, Jen at MOMSPatterns is making it easy; look at this:

McCalls 6812

If there is someone on your list that wouldn't like this pattern then perhaps next year you should just send them a card.

She's got this great men's shirt up, too, on eBay:

Schiaparelli shirt

Jen is also offering 20% off any Dress A Day order through the end of the year, with the coupon code 'alliwant20'. It's good from now until 12/31/2008 midnight, EST. Good on any MOMSPatterns order, excluding gift certificates (although gift certificates are a REALLY good idea)! Oh, and the 20% is even good on that shirt above — mention it when you win the auction and Jen will adjust the invoice!

Anna at BootyVintage has these in stock right now (but probably not for long):

Men's boxers:

Simplicity 4351

A pattern of gifts "children can make for the whole family!"

Butterick 6762

And some great aprons:

McCalls aprons

0 thoughts on “Ain't No Stopping Us Now

  1. I have to laugh at the gifts for kids to make. Mine just isn’t coordinated to do it, and bless his heart he tries.If I was mean, I’d get it for him and watch him get frustrated with trying to work my people powered sewing machine AND sew too, but I’m not. And I’ll leave it for a more coordinated kiddo.


  2. I have that apron pattern!! Heck, I’m the second generation to use that apron pattern. It’s awesome. I left off the buttons, though, on the yellow version and just sewed the straps together since it’s plenty big and floppy enough to slip over my head. Super comfortable, and it covers everything.


  3. my goodness but that lady in white has a strange body. i mean, stranger than usual for a vintage pattern envelope lady. I KNOW!I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it…it’s like everything’s slipped AND constricted at the same time. I think it’s that the legs are…well, the perspective is wrong from the waist down…and …I don’t know what it is. The shorts throw everything out of proportion. Her upper arms are weirdly emaciated, too…yet firm?


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