Two and a Half More Things for You

Just wanted to remind you that there is PLENTY of time to donate to Books Through Bars:

Remember to put "Dress A Day" in the dedication field and email me your receipt so as to be eligible to have a character in my "Secret Lives of Dresses" novel (coming from Grand Central and Hodder in 2010!) named after you! We're trying to get to $1500 by January 7 …

Has anyone else heard about the proposed CPSIA law? The best discussion of it is going on over at Fashion Incubator. If you buy from small manufacturers (or ARE a small manufacturer), you should REALLY know about this. Seriously. Go check it out.

Also? These are my favorite joke right now.

0 thoughts on “Two and a Half More Things for You

  1. on the CPSC issue — also add; if you buy, sell or make school supplies, toys, books for kids, clothes for kids; bicycles, drinking bottles, who knows what else. As a parent, at least half of everything I buy is affected — can you believe they’ve already determined that no microscope bulbs can pass licensing? No more microscopes in middle schools! It’s crazy!!And all handmade stuff (i.e. etsy/craftfair) – gone or gone scofflaw. And raw materials aren’t safe — fabric may be included if it has a “juvenile” print on it (and who knows who will be judging that?) the whole thing is very depressing.


  2. Erin,Sorry, I made a donation but did not know to put Dress a Day in the dedication. Will it still count? I did e-mail my receipt to you. Have not read the article yet, but think regulation could get a bit ridiculous. Read this article. By the way, colorlovers is an inspiring blog for sewists. Colors can really go together, and there is much help when planning wardrobe colors.


  3. I only just started sewing recently and have been reading this blog and I love it… the CPSIA thing makes me really sad because I’ve already made a couple small toys both sewing and knitting for my niece, and I’d really been thinking about trying to sell them on Etsy since she liked them so much, and it looks like now that’s going to be illegal! How crazy… not using anything but commercially available yarn/fabric/thread and yet deemed to be unsafe. How long before I can’t make things even as gifts? Or for my own future kids?


  4. Oh crud, I didn’t notice to add the dedication but I’ll email my receipt. I hope you get credit anyway! Oh, and thanks for mentioning the CPSIA problem.


  5. This CPSIA situation is quite the mess…yikes!COLOURlovers was started by my cousin’s son, Darius Monsef. (I can never remember whether that makes him a second cousin or first cousin, once removed). Anyway, he’s doing good stuff!Delighted to contribute to Books Through Bars; I heard somewhere that one thing inmates have in common is a very limited vocabulary. Reading should help with that.


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