YSL Exhibit

Did everyone but me know there's an exhibit about Yves St Laurent on in San Francisco right now? It runs through April 5, so I'm hoping to have a chance to see it …

Erin S., who seems to have an eye for the awesome, made her own version of the Mondrian dress to wear to the exhibit! All together now: That's Really Cool. She sent me a pic — check it out!

YSL dress

0 thoughts on “YSL in SF

  1. We went to see this exhibit before Christmas. I would have to add that it helps if you know a bit about YSL’s design history before you see the show (the book by Abrams for this exhibit is available online). The layout is not large. It seemed to be set up in some hallways between permanent exhibits. The display is thematic (so expect a row of dresses inspired by artists with Mondrian among them) and the number of gowns appeared to be about the same as exhibits in the MET basement usually have.Highlights: seeing garments and outfits we remember from Vogue layouts in the 60’s and 70’s. BTW-The admission seemed pricey to us: $20 each + $5 to park. Does $45 for 2 adults to see a moderate size exhibit seem steep?


  2. OMG! If you are really here and come to see the exhibit will you email me? I live across the street from that museum and would love to meet you. *I am not a scary internet stalker I swear*


  3. It was wonderful! If you go on the first Tuesday of the month you only have to pay the $10 special exhibit fee. It was really wonderful to see the runway show and then the same dresses up close and in person. Loved it! Love your blog too.


  4. I saw the YSL on 12/26. Loved it! And loved how CLOSE the garments are to the viewer. You’ll be able to see stitching details and assembly methods and linings. Very little glass. Wonderful. Totally worth the $20. entry. (Of course, lots of guards to make sure you don’t touch). I’d absolutely recommend going. And go early in the day before the crowds show up.-Shaun


  5. St. Laurent always makes me think of the first cologne I picked out for myself, the dusky YSL Pour Homme. It’s lemony, and you can wear it as a guy or girl.Wish I could see that show. I should look it up, in case it tours.


  6. My best friend and I saw this exhibit last summer when it was in Montreal. We managed to get 2 for 1 tickets and then went on half price day, so we ended up paying a total of only $7.50 for the two of us, but it is definitely worth the price of full fare admission. (Of course, if we had paid full admission, we probably would have done a fourth lap to get our money’s worth!)The thematic set-up of the exhibit is great. And seeing an original Le Smoking up close was amazing.One of the other commentators mentioned that knowing his history would be useful, but if you are able to go during a less busy time and can read the info that accompanies the pieces, there’s not much need. And if you are remotely interested in fashion, couture or a slightly expanded definition of art, the garments really speak for themselves.


  7. Ooh wow!! That’s so awesome, it totally makes me want to do one too! And what a great idea: to dress up in theme for an exhibition, I loves it!


  8. I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibit! Of course I’ll probably wait until the last possible second, because that’s how I roll.


  9. If $10 is steep to you, go see the other special exhibits as well, which are included in your ticket cost. I highly recommend the Maya Lin exhibit; I made a bee line for it right after seeing the YSL one.


  10. I wonder if this is the same YSL exhibition I saw in Canberra years ago? They used the same dress shot to advertise it. It was a fantastic exhibition! Well worth me flying to another city to go to it.


  11. im a fashion student at sfsu… i went to the de young and saw the exhibit and i was just amazed.. what this man accomplished during his life time just makes me feel behind and im 18! give yourself 3 good hours and bring something to sketch on! it really was amazing and im going again when i return to sf for school!


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