APB on a BDP (BDP = Bridal Dress Pattern)

Vogue 7009

Jen at MOMSPatterns is trying to help a customer find the dress on this pattern — not this actual pattern, which is for fabric roses — but the dress that Vogue used as a canvas in the picture on this pattern envelope for the flowers that this pattern makes. Is that clear?

We're assuming that the marketing whizzes at Vogue would use one of their own patterns ON one of their own patterns, but nobody's been able to find this yet. Can you help?

Speaking of brides, I'm going to be a bridesmatron again in May! I'm very excited. [Not-so-interesting Erin trivia: thus far I have only stood up in the weddings of people named "Vanessa".] This is the dress my bride-to-be has chosen for us — I really like it:

Watters 350

(NOTE: She is not getting it in BLACK. You guys know how I feel about that, and anyway, it's a May wedding. But you know what? If she asked me to wear black I would so totally do it. I even offered to wear purple if she wanted me to, and purple and I don't get along.)

This dress is from Watters — does anyone have any helpful tips for dealing with them? They're saying "ten weeks"; is that for real, or a nervous-bride-buffer?

0 thoughts on “APB on a BDP (BDP = Bridal Dress Pattern)

  1. Oh, I am so glad you posted about this! That picture is in an ad in one of the pattern books at JoAnns, and I have been looking longingly at it for ages. I’m not getting married anytime soon (that would require a man, lol), but it’s nice to know that this actually exists as a pattern!


  2. Thank you a million times for that wedding post– copies should be printed and mailed to every home in America. šŸ˜‰ Half the reason that people show up at weddings so inappropriately attired is that NOBODY has ever told them what IS correct dress. When I was a girl, mom told me that at a wedding you wear “something nice enough for church.” That still meant something, in Oklahoma, in 1988. The bride was allowed to look “sexy” if she so desired, but the rest of us looked modest and scrubbed and well-behaved. Because we weren’t there to be sexy.Now, of course, even the most conservative among us go to church in jeans and crocs. Last Sunday, our pastor’s wife attended in skintight denim pants, a thin plunging-neck knit shirt, and patent-leather FMBs. I guess she thought she was All Dressed Up.And so of course the general advice to “just wear something nice!” will inspire the ignorant populace to wear anything from their favorite holey Levis (“but they make me look thin! And they’re soooo comfortable!”) to club-wear. Blah!


  3. My bridesmaids (in wedding to previous husband) wore Watters dresses, and though this was more than a decade ago, I recall it being a close call for one of them who not only needed a tiny size, but also needed hemming and taking in (she is 4’10”), and it was being done the day before the wedding. Ten weeks, for reals.


  4. ok I’m sooooooo glad someone else is looking for this dress too. I just went today and found this same dress picture in the vogue patterns catalogue. Of ciourse i have veen on limne all night trying to find 1945 and the life of me I CANT FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone help me out here – I’m stressing and getting married in October – Help!!!!!!


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