Best. Readers. EVER.

Tetris fabric

So you know how every once in a while, I toss off some nonchalant comment, like "I wish I had Tetris fabric," or "someone should really make a shirtdress out of this"?

Those are actually SEEKRIT CODED MESSAGES. If you hear them and feel compelled to comply, DO NOT BE ALARMED. It is all PART OF THE PLAN.

Awesome Jenny at Chronically Uncool heard the first coded message, and commissioned a fantastic Tetris-style fabric design from MissBlackPepper on Etsy, to print at Spoonflower. What's better than that, you say? She's making it available to us to use, too! I'm hosting the file for her; you can download it here (ZIP). I can't *wait* to get mine, I'm ordering from Spoonflower today!

Jenny is releasing her Tetris-style fabric design file under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. If you get a copy of the file, you are free to use, share, and remix the design for your own non-commercial projects. If you make a new design derived from this design, please attribute the original design to Jenny. (When Jenny commissioned MissBlackPepper to create the custom design, she purchased the rights to the resulting design from her.) Your derivative work should be released under a similar Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike license.

Next up in the Parade of Awesome is Nancy, who heard my not-all-that-subliminal instruction to make a ruler shirtdress out of this fabric. And here it is!

Ruler Dress

Isn't that great? You can read all about it on her blog. Nancy actually used *babysitting time* to get this done. Now THAT is devotion to the cause …

Now I just have to figure out which of my immediate and pressing desires I should issue a call for. Prepare yourselves to receive instructions!

0 thoughts on “Best. Readers. EVER.

  1. Wow. I love the ruler dress. Vogue Fabrics has something like this with a completely green background. Might work for St. Paddy’s Day!


  2. I hear your subliminal messages loud and clear Erin… but my skills are sadly lacking!Great dress Nancy!Haha it does RULE.I need to go fabric shopping…Any really (stoopidly!) easy dress patterns you’d recommend?


  3. I LOVE the shirtdress! Gorgeous, and the ruler fabric is genius. If I were a math teacher, I’d wear it every single day! :D(Nicole, I hear ya on buttonholes. I’m skeered too.)


  4. I like the ruler done with the rulers going up and down, sideways no way! As far you girls asking about buttons, find a dress pattern that has none on the front, that cuts the front on a fold and uses a zip on the side. or uses a zip up the front, like mod styles sometimes did.


  5. Why did no one tell me that Spoonflower had stopped being invitation only???! That tetris fabric is AWESOME. As is the ruler shirtdress. Wow, you guys are so cool.


  6. who could help but obey when your ideas are so awesome! thanks for the shout-out on the ruler dress– i’m beyond flattered you posted about it, and blushing at your readers’ sweet comments! and to those intimidated by buttons, it is all about an automatic buttonhole feature on your sewing machine, to buy several yards of that tetris fabric and wait for further instructions as to dress style to make with it…


  7. Wow, I may be late to comment, but no less blown away by both the fabric and the wonderful execution of the Ruler Dress! Way to go!!!I am tempted by both fabrics, but don’t think my skills are up to them yet…


  8. For those with fear of buttons – really it isn’t as bad as you think. Just pick a pattern you like and try it. I swear, I had a fear of buttons too, and found that it’s really not worth avoiding patterns for.


  9. Ahhh Vertical placement of the rulers!! Stunning job on the ruler dress. I’m in love w/ the buttons and 3/4 sleeves. Executed to perfection.Is it me or do you DREAM TETRIS whenever you play it? I heart Tetris.


  10. Nancy, great dress ! I saw some of the ruler fabric not long ago at Hayloftfabrics ( I just checked (search the online store with “Moda American Jane”), and there seems to be some remaining today (I was looking for a Dinosaur skeletons fabric for a skirt, and couldn’t find any anywhere except there, so they may have other things left of interest, and they deliver fast).


  11. I really want to make a skirt from the Tetris fabric. That is awesome! And the shirtdress is cool beyond measure (haha, pun intended).


  12. That shirtdress is perfection! Well done, Nancy!And that Tetris fabric is also fab – I have a real weak spot for border prints.


  13. I love your blog. To be sure that I can read it more regularly I have subscribed to your blog through the internet miracle of RSS.It will help me to read you on a more regular basis and sew more, too.


  14. NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TAWKIN’ ABOUT! (ruler dress)Nice nice NICE…looks absolutely fab! (And if you cover up the lower 1/2 of the pic, you see the vison I championed before: lightweight fitted jacket to wear over pencil skirts. VERY Lipstick Librarian.)


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