"What's the Story?" week, part 5

Today's story-pattern is brought to us by Patterns from the Past:

McCalls 8062

Plot synopsis: The fabulously wealthy Candace Verweehauken-Jones is not only the leader of New York's social scene; she's also #1 on the FBI's most-wanted list (for racketeering, mostly, and as a suspect in the death of husband #3, Cornelius Jones). To keep from being apprehended and arrested at the various charity galas she chairs, she is attended at all times by two top-of-the-line social-secretary/security bots (manufactured by Verweehauken Industries, small appliances division).

Orange dress apprises Mrs. CVJ of the names, net worths, and current social entanglements and aspirations of all approachers, via a wireless heads-up display accessed directly through Mrs. CVJ's retinas. Floral dress is tasked with threat assessment, CCTV monitoring (again, wirelessly), and champagne/canape procurement.

However, tonight—tonight all Mrs. CVJ's carefully-laid plans will go awry, as she will be captured, in more than one way, by a last-minute fill-in date for one of the Junior Social Chairs—one Special Agent Robert Kerrigidan. Fireworks and firepower both come into play, as their epic gun battle ends in an equally epic kiss in the ruins of the ballroom. Don't miss it!

0 thoughts on “"What's the Story?" week, part 5

  1. OMG.. I have been enjoying these all week, but I really, really want to read this book, or movie as anonymous said.Thanks, Erin!


  2. The three ill-fated memebers of the little known 60s girl group “The White Supremes.” The name was a little iffy.


  3. “canape procurement” hahaha That made it for me right there. I’ve loved reading all the stories this week. I’m going to have to go sit up in my sewing room and concoct stories about my patterns. It’s like paper dolls +. Jennifer B


  4. This is the best story yet. The only thing I would add is the location of the SecBots’ wireless receivers: their add-on hair buns. Press on a button-shaped earring, and the bun dome flips up to reveal a tiny satellite dish and doomsday switch.


  5. And when it was over, her hair was perfect, her white gloves unbesmerched, her dress untouched. She had however, broken her string of beads in order for the tiny explosive charges to drop into the path of her attackers. They were, after all, pop-beads.


  6. Yes! Yes! This needs to be a movie!! Oooooh, so fabulous.You are so incredibly talented at these (among many other things)


  7. The lead is obviously a Hitchcock blonde, but which one? Well, she kind of has Grace Kelly’s face with Tippi Hedren’s wardrobe (minus the huuuuge, danish pastry hair), so I think this is what Kelly WOULD have looked like as Marnie in 1964 if her poopy-head husband hadn’t made her back out from doing that as her comeback.Golly, all their upper arms are really spindly on that pattern, aren’t they, even by fashion illustration standards!? Eeek!


  8. Anonymous 10:28 — “White Supremes!” Ha!Love the story AND the dresses. Whatever happened to that dangerous chic?


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