Shiny! (Even better, shiny for a good cause!)

Writercon Scholarship Dress

Check out this fantastic silver and black brocade dress (currently up on eBay), which is being auctioned to benefit Writercon, the wonderful conference for fanfic writers and enthusiasts.

I'm only showing you the close-up picture because you *have* to click on the image and check it out for yourself. It's hand made from vintage fabric! It has a watermelon-colored lining and matching petticoat! It's princess-lined! It's also B39/W32, with a 19 inch skirt — putting the voom in va-va-voom! (And, when I wrote this, it was going for $24.99!)

Proceeds from this auction are going to benefit the scholarship fund for Writercon, which helps folks who couldn't otherwise afford to attend, attend. (I've never been to Writercon myself, but I've heard fantastic things about it — in my book, anything that encourages writing of any kind is totally a good cause.)

So, now that we've established that this dress is great, and Writercon is great, we have time to get to the important question: Would Xander Harris like this dress? Discuss.

0 thoughts on “Shiny! (Even better, shiny for a good cause!)

  1. Well, your readers have been bidding it up.And I’m ashamed to say that I have no idea who Xander Harris is. However, I do like his name.And my 9 year old spins fantastic stories, beyond (I think) the ability of a normal 9 year old. Maybe he goes to Writercon some day?


  2. Writercon! All this time I’ve been writing fanfiction and I had no idea that such a thing existed. If only I lived a little closer to Minneapolis, I’d be all over that one AND with a dress on. (I write mainly in the NCIS ‘verse so I have no idea what kind of fabric would lend itself to being a fanfiction dress. But Alexander Henry is always a good fallback)


  3. I think Xander would love this dress. I’ve often thought Anya showed a vintage-inspired fashion sense (which makes sense given that she was over 1000 years old), and we know how Xander felt about Anya 🙂


  4. I’m pretty sure Xander would be skeptical about the dress if he saw it on a hanger, but would definitely enjoy it on Anya! (Or off of Anya, as the case may be….)-Jesse


  5. I can see Anya giving a lecture on the exchange of goods and services, and then buying the dress, and Xander loving it.Ah, happy days. I can’t write to save my life, but I’ve read some good (and some truely truely awful) fanfic. I enjoyed most of it though!! Writercon, Best.Idea.Ever.Anon in Ire


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