This Week's Pattern Story

Vogue 9749

Red Hat: Do you have the money?

Swim Cap: Of course — right here in my absurdly large, yet surprisingly stylish Bonnie-Cashin-looking beach bag. Did you come alone?

Red Hat: Yes. Well, except for my sister Peggy. She always insists on tagging along! So infuriating. I made her stay twenty paces behind me, though, so no one thinks we're together.

Swim Cap: So how do we do this?

Red Hat: Keep pretending I'm not standing way too close to you. Then drop the bag. I'll pick it up — you keep going.

Swim Cap: And the illegal sunscreen will be in my cabana?

Red Hat: Within the hour.

Swim Cap: It's a pleasure doing business with you. Say 'Hi!' to Peggy for me!

[Pattern is at Lanetz Living, click on the image to check it out!]

12 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story

  1. HA! Illegal Sunscreen. I need SPF 1000 — I get burned so easy — Freckles ya’ know.Marylou – I too love the Bathing suit. I want that BEACH BAG for a purse!


  2. oooh, I wish that pattern were in my size. I love the bathing suit and that bag is fabulous. I can whip up my own pattern for the bag. The suit is sadly beyond my pattern making skills.


  3. Illegal sunscreen, laced with wrinkle remover, tan enhancer, skin softener, bug repellant, and a rich man attracting pheremone.Ooo, slather me up baby! 🙂


  4. Whoaah, Justine, I’d buy THAT sunscreen.I love “What’s the Story”, this one is my favorite so far too.


  5. YOU are so funny! I have tears running down my face. I can’t wait to show my 16 year old daughter these stories. She’ll love them. Gee I only have 2 years of stories to get through…guess supper will be late tonight!Glad I found you.:)


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