Book Review Week: Stitched In Time

Stitched in Time

Let's get one thing straight (especially if you are related to me): There is no chance that I am going to make anything in Alicia Paulson's new book, Stitched in Time, anytime soon.

(Okay, *maybe* the Baby Clothes Quilt. I do still have a bunch of baby clothes around here …)

But that's only because I'm WAY overscheduled right now. If I could sit down every Sunday from now until Christmas with a pot of tea, an old movie on the television, and this book, I would work my way through it beginning to end. There are SO MANY adorable projects … and, as the saying goes, so little time. Not to mention the fact that my niece is still too young for that cute little doll on the cover …

However, even if you don't have time to make even the smallest potholder, you might still want to pick up this book just for the gorgeous photographs and Alicia's lovely voice on the page. (And if you're not already reading her blog, well, why aren't you?)

Because we can all hope that SOMEDAY, you're going to have a rainy Sunday with nothing to do, and you are going to want this book and a box full of fabric scraps and a little girl to make a doll for. You ARE. That's just how the world works. It's always better to be prepared!

0 thoughts on “Book Review Week: Stitched In Time

  1. Maybe if you get started right now, by the time you finished, your niece would be the perfect age for the doll!I second your enthusiasm for Alicia’s book (I have it), and Alicia’s blog (I read it). I so enjoy her talent for writing, photography, and her talent for design. Eye candy that can give you a sugar high!Thanks for your blog, I never miss a post.WendyBee


  2. Posie Gets Cosy is a fantastic blog… my second-favorite craft-related blog (after Dress A Day of course!) I also enjoy Princess Lasertron. Im always on the hunt for a good read some eye candy.


  3. I’m so glad you did a review of this book. I just recently became aware of Alicia Paulson through an article written by her in a 2008 Hallmark magazine. (my friend brought me a stack of old mags to browse while in the hospital after giving birth to the cutest baby boy;-)any way….I was wondering if I should buy her book and now I know I have to! Two of my girls are still little enough for that adorable doll. And I’m sure with a 9 year old beginning to sew we can put the book to use on the lazy summer days to come.


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