Happy Belated Birthday, A!

A's birthday present

Excellent co-conspirator and artist Beebe (click on that link, you won't regret it) and I put together a scheme to give A. a present for her recent Birthday Celebration, and to thank A. for completing another kick-ass year of Being Awesome. The plan: he'd draw one of his fantastic characters in a dress of my choosing!

Above, you see the result — it's this dress, Spadea 1338. I'm sure you agree that Porthole Woman with Comb Hat is the perfect model!

Happy birthday, A.!

12 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday, A!

  1. I don’t know who A is either, but happy birthday to her.Love the card! The dress made in red with big old polka dots is perfect!


  2. Dude, this was the MOST AMAZING PRESENT ever!!!!! Did Beebe tell you that everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw it? You guys are incredible. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve gotta take it to the framing store now.XOXOXO,A.


  3. I don’t even know who is “A” but anyway.Happy Birthday..=) Looking forward on your next post.=)A Writers Den


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