This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

Simplicity 3893

Jimmy: Why am I in this dress, again?

Janie: Because it's a movie, doofus. This kind of stuff happens in movies. You want to get into someplace that's all-girls, and I just *happen* to have a dress (and shoes!) that fit you perfectly, despite us being completely different sizes.

Jimmy: Why did I want to come with you?

Janie: Do I have to do everything in this plot? Am in voiceover right now? Do I have a name badge that says "Ask me to provide exposition?"

Jimmy: No, really, I don't know.

Janie: (heavy sigh) See that girl behind me? You loooooove her. Despite the fact that she can't accessorize.

Jimmy: Oh, okay. Thanks.


Jimmy: All right, what do we do now?

Janie: Count to three, then duck before the explosion. When the rubble clears, go help her up. Then kiss.

Jimmy: I just want to be sure I have this straight. Kiss HER, right?

Janie: Next time I want to be in a werewolf movie.

[This pattern — and a lot of other lovely ones! — is on sale today and tomorrow at Sandritocat's Etsy shop! 20%, plus she offers free shipping with three or more patterns. Mention "20% off sale" in the notes section and then either wait for a revised invoice, or Sandra will refund the difference through Paypal. Enjoy!]

23 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. Those are very mannish lookinggirls.More progressive pattern illustrators, do you think Cookie?Or may be the artist was living a lie like Salvatore on Mad Men?


  2. I wouldn’t commit MURDER for a patent leather belt with a bunch of flowers on it, but maybe one of the lesser felonies…


  3. Jen,You mean like this? I was just thinking, ‘Hey I have a pattern just like this one,’ when I read your comment. That’s exactly why I wanted to make it so bad, because it reminded me of McCardell and her easy casual dresses.


  4. The genius of these fashion illustrations is they make every single think look cute! I was so jelous when I just read Sarah has this pattern….and had to remind myself the finished dress might be a completely different thing. (Go to if you wonder what I mean. It is a SHOCKING wakeup call.) I think we need a site that shows a pattern pic, followed by shots of the actual dress made by beginner, intermediate, and then advanced sewists. Would be fascinating!


  5. Good idea cookie!Ok…other ADAD readers… I am goign to Boston, well Woburn, Thursday. I am staying at a hotel on Unicorn Road…Can anyone point me to fabric and/or vintage stores that will be esy for me to find…and worth the trip?I would really appreciate it!


  6. Golly, Theresa…it’s been so long since I was in Boston! But there were some good places when I lived there. 1 is in Cambridge. The Beacon Hill Thrift Shop (quite smallish) has odd hours, but is on practically the first block of Charles Street, off the Public Garden. Good for preppie knicknacks and the odd sweater. I got a good Brooks Brothers suit there, once. I’ll try to find out the name of the Cambridge place.


  7. I had several inquires about that pattern and I knew I had another somewhere and I found it. It is a size 12 and I just listed it.Sandra ~ Sandritocat


  8. Cookie–that’s what the gallery section of the Vintage Patterns wiki is for. I always chop my head off [in the photo, that is] when I post finished-product pix, both for privacy reasons and in case the pattern looks awful/makes me look like a blimp/has other undesirable aesthetic effects.


  9. Oh! Aaaargh!!!…So ghastly… I know, you look at the illustration and thing, “Cool! Why, I might even elope in that and get married under a tree, somewhere!” Then you look at the actual DRESS, and it looks like a vintage hospital smock or something! Cookie–thats what the gallery section of the Vintage Patterns wiki is for. Yes, I will have to investigate that feature! Thanks. Also, the patternreview site has a lot of options for researching a pattern that’s REALLY helpful!Theresa: You will like Boston, and this is a nice time of year to be there! Back Bay and Brookline are the neatest parts, I think. I will email my friend who still lives there and try to find some thrift shops for you.


  10. Awesome! Thanks Coookie. When my daughter moves to California, I’m going ot visit and take you to lunch…and then we will go shopping.


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