Loafer Update!

Long time readers of this blog will know that I am OBSESSED with penny loafers.

And since coming out as someone who is loafer-obsessed, I have met many other people who have a similar … enthusiasm. So I thought I'd share links to two styles I've found recently that, although not as nice as my favorite (and no-longer-made) Via Spigas, are pretty damn good.

First, Macy's has these, from Marc Fisher (which I think is one of their house brands, but I'm not sure):

marc fisher loreann women's penny loafers

Today they are $39! (They were >$70). Click on the image to visit the Macy's page. I bought a pair of these and they are comfortable, definitely.

Okay, these next ones are man-made materials (aka vegan). Many of you have asked if I knew of non-leather alternatives, and now I do! Plus, they're dirt-cheap: $29.99 at Overstock.com. (click image to visit site)

journee women's penny loafers

What I really want are these, from Marc Jacobs:

marc jacobs penny loafers

The worst part is that I already HAVE them — I found a pair on eBay that weren't anywhere NEAR $260, and bought them. And found that they were the wrong size. (The seller translated a European 38 as "8.5" which it is NOT.) I relisted them on eBay, if you want them.

Of course, even though I wear penny loafers EVERY DAY, I don't really need any more pairs. Why don't I? Because THIS is my penny loafer collection:

whoa penny loafers

(And yes, that is a pair of Liberty Jack Purcells on the edge there.)

Does anyone else wear a slight variation of the same damn shoe every day? (Anyone else who presents as female, I mean, I know most guys basically wear the same shoe every day.) Represent in the comments!


81 thoughts on “Loafer Update!

  1. a comprehensive list of my shoe collection:dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, dansko, hiking boots, running shoes


  2. Thanks so much for the link to the vegan loafers! I went right to Overstock and ordered 2 pairs. I am delighted with the green! What a find! I hope they fit well. Thanks again! Youre a peach!


  3. Ive tried to branch out in the last couple of years and among my big, clunky black shoes, I now have a few pairs of colored ballet flat type shoes. Theyre much nicer with my dresses, I think, for days when Im feeling match-y.My favorite loafer quote: Prince telling Morris Day, Only confused men wear loafers, in Under the Cherry Moon. He seemed to have no opinion about female loafer-wearing, though. I mean, if you look to Prince for fashion advice.


  4. This post makes me feel more normal…I wear comfortable shoes, Mephisto or clogs mostly…but I wear the same pair forever. And it takes a lonnnng time to wear out Mephisto shoes. But I thought I was an oddity. But now that Ive seen the variety of responses here Im willing to poke my toes out and admit it. I own about 3 pairs of shoes and I only wear one of those. Dont Judge Me. ;-)(Did notice the repeated Dansko love…might have to check them out)


  5. I wear fake Birkenstocks from Walmart. Every day, except for when I get dressed up and wear the only pair of real Birks I own, in black leather. I will say that I am retired now and when I was working I did wear other shoes. My favorites fake Birks are in denim, and I got several pairs so that as they wear out I can replace them. They dont hold up well, but they are really cheap. For a while they introduced new colors and patterns regularly, but they seem to have stopped, which makes me crazy. What will I do?


  6. I wear Dansko clogs on my work days; either Mary Jane style or the full uppers. On my own time, I like cute flats or stilettos. I am in search of the Bass Weejun penny loafer-in college I had so many pairs and would wear them all 4 seasons. I just think they look so cute with skirts or jeans.


  7. I wear black boots every day. They have to be a little higher than ankle but not calf-high. Ive been wearing them, and not much else, since I was 9. They go with everything! Dresses, jeans. Santana makes the best ones.


  8. golf shoes. but the ones that are two-tone only and look like actual shoes. ever color i can get, as long as its two tones. currently, i have 35 pairs (awaiting a win on ebay, ill have 36). remove the cleats and theyre comfortable, snazzy and water-resistant.


  9. I pretty much live in Birkenstocks. I have a pair of Arizonas in green that I got a couple years ago to replace the tan ones that are over 20 years old (and have been renovated and resoled). I have a pair of brown Bostons, than need renovating (have been resoled once I think) And a pair of the plastic clogs that are wearing low on the heels. In the winter or bad weather I will wear something else outside and bring the Birkis for indoor shoes.Specialty shoes: Black Reeboks for garland dancing; tevas for hot weather gardening or going swimming; LLBean boots for winter; Lands End slip ons for slightly wet or messy weather; 14th c. style with small pointy toes for SCA. Once in a very great while I still wear the cute little victorianish ankle boots for contradancing, but now that I have calcifying tendonitis in my shoulder, I cant do couple dancing. 😦 Someday. And I have an old pair of Frye boots someone passed down to me that dont really fit, it would be nice to get a good pair of medieval boots, not fakey moccasins or whatever. Someday.


  10. I probably have 10 pair of flip flops.. and the husband has an impressive collection of Converse in nearly every color you can think of!Gotta love a man who doesnt mind spare SHOES in the closet!


  11. Ive currently got 3 pairs of black ballet-ish flats on the go. They would be close to my 100th, 101st, and 102nd pairs of black ballet-ish flats. My most favourite flatties died earlier this year (I gave them a burial at festival…. by which i mean, i left them at a music festival, after realising they could no longer function as shoes due to the holes. also, i found another more comfy pair, and felt like it would be right by the universe for me to leave mine).im not 100% happy with any of my 3 current pairs of flats, but they are close enough, and cheap enough, to do. Cheap is important in my flats, because I WEAR THEM TO ABSOLUTE DEATH! Rain poses a huge problem once im entrenched in my flats, because they WILL have holes on the bottom (and yet, somehow, still remain totally presentable up top.) Its a sickness, i know…..


  12. As usual, I love visiting the blog–Ive now amazed a sizable collection of Fluevogs, also from eBay and sales, since they are expensive shoes, too. BUT, they last, and the number I have in rotation has added up quick! But one of my favorite pairs of fun shoes lately are a pair of TUK kitty shoes, red mary janes that always get lots of compliments. Who knew? Love the loafer update, and hope you have a GREAT summer!


  13. Temps where I live (Mediterranean area of Spain, less than an hours drive from the beach) are hovering around 30 C / 86 F, and June has just begun. Im now rotating 4 pairs of buttery-soft leather flat sandals, one of which is completely ratty and really ought to be retired by now. I am a hopeless cute-shoe-holic, and have dozens of pairs, some more practical than others for standing up hours on end on the job and/or tearing around town, but having sprained my ankle badly on the judo mat a few months ago, Ive worn nothing with a heel higher than 1.5 since then. The ankle is OK now, but I prefer to play it safe until classes break up for the summer – then its time to bring out my beloved high-heeled strappy sandals and sexy wedges again, yay!


  14. I have two pairs of the same shoe style- I really like them, and I wore the one pair so much that they are really scuffed, so the second pair is for when I need to wear nicer shoes!Otherwise, I dont own any really similar shoes.


  15. Big shoe collection here. Flip-flop, sneakers, flats, high-heels, pumps, sandals…in any color of the rainbow. So, I think the collection is around the 40-50 pairs and growing. Everytime I go to a shooping mall I look shoe and want at least 2 or 3 pairs. The sad part is I cant buy them. Lately (since I discover that the local Nine West always have a sale section) I been shooping at least 1 pair/month. After all, theres not such a thing as a woman with to many shoes!


  16. When you find a shoe type that fits well and makes you happy, its only sensible to have more than one pair, right?? Just went at looked at the shoe closet and I have, ahem, 60-ish pairs of low-heel shoes. I only have about a dozen high heeled ones…I have about 25 pairs of black shoes (and I wear them all!) because black seems sensible and basic and like it goes with everything – but the 25 pairs still do not cover every BlackShoe situation. Almost….


  17. OH – thank you for the Macys penny loafer link. I went to the site and purchased a few pair – I love penny loafers (dont have as many as you though!) and wouldnt have had the patience to navigate their site if you hadnt pointed them out. Bless you!


  18. Not really, but Im constantly attracted to wedges. Half my (very modest) shoe collection is some kind of wedge or other; I didnt even notice till fairly recently.


  19. OMGGGG!!! i cant stop thinking about penny loafers, im soooo obsessed! i wanted either ur mj ones or a tory burch pair however i cant find them anywhere anymore!! help!


  20. Danielle, try eBay! I see Tory Burch pairs there all the time. (Warning, they have her big-ass logo on the heel, kinda tacky.)


  21. Late to the party here. I wear oxfords almost daily. Black, brown, flat, heeled- doesnt matter. I like oxford shoes.I also like loafers, but am down to a pair of black penny loafer styled pumps, so am looking for more- which is how I ended up here.


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