This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

DuBarry 952B


What notoriously snooty beauty and her identically-snooty twin, usually the bestest of friends, were seen giving each other the VERY cold shoulder this last week? Could it have anything to do with a certain Hollywood playboy who, when put to the (romantic) test, couldn't tell them apart? We heard that the playboy, when confronted, suggested that if you can't beat 'em, maybe you should join 'em … and our sources say one sister said YES and the other said NO!

[Pattern is from Sandritocat, who is having a one-day sale day sale tomorrow (Tuesday, June 30th). She's offering 20% off and she'll combine with her free shipping offers. Use the code "DressaDay20%off" — and you can either pay through PayPal and get a refund, or you can wait for a revised invoice. And even though the sale officially starts tomorrow, Sandra said you can go ahead and start shopping today, if you like.]

14 thoughts on “This Week's Pattern Story (and sale)

  1. Did nobody notice the model was 20foot tall when she posed for the portrait!?Sixpence none the richer.Cheers,AJ


  2. Cheeky! Could you be the new Perez of the pattern picture world? I think so!For my money, they both look like bananas.


  3. Cheeky! Could you be the new Perez of the pattern picture world? I think so!For my money, they both look like bananas.


  4. I love the style of the 30s but sadly I do not have the body type for it. Wonderful dress and story (reminds me of the Hilton sisters)!


  5. Rachel, I too love the 30s dresses; I, too, do not have the figure for them.Sort of. I find it very interesting that most 30s patterns – INCLUDING this one – are actually proportioned for a PEAR-SHAPED figure, even if the figure shown in the sketch is V-shaped! 36 bust, 39 hips! So, by some miracle of sewing alchemy, the dress should fit a pear-shaped figure AND make her look like the Banana Goddess on the package!I wish. Hope springs eternal, though.


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