Happy Anniversary!

Butterick 9651

In celebration of Jen's site MOMSPatterns being up & running for three solid years, she's running a Happy Anniversary To MOMS Sale (combined with a Labor Day sale) through the weekend! Save 25% on by using coupon code 'yayjen' until Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at midnight EST.

Jen's also just moved another 50 patterns to the Sale Section which has patterns priced from $1-$5. AND she's still adding 30-40 patterns every day for you to choose from. (And she offers combined & discounted shipping for multiple purchases.) Happy Anniversary!

Lisa at the Vintage Fashion Librarian is giving away a Mood Fabrics bag (of Project Runway fame)! Very spiffy.

Sorry for the light posting folks, but in addition to moving across the country for my internet startup, I *just* finished (the first draft, anyway, I expect my awesome editors to add some of their awesome to it) of The Secret Lives of Dresses novel, due out next year from Grand Central (in the US) and Hodder (in the UK). Whew!

21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Oh, how perfectly this pattern model typifies the easy, breezy life I imagined for myself when I used to gaze upon my mummys patterns as a wee tot. I think it helps that theyre so rarely pictured as being actually ENGAGED in anything….most usually just standing there, with an imaginary wind ruffling their skirts and (lacquered) hair.The one in the back seems to be experimenting with some sort of mood-altering substance (from Plaids nosegay?) This I foresaw for myself, as well.


  2. No way! Thats awesome! I read your blog every day, but dont know much about you…all I saw was that youre moving away from Chicago to CA (?) but was bummed because I may be moving back up to Chicago myself! Anyways though, great job and I cant wait to see the book some day when it comes out! 🙂


  3. Do you find it ironic that you have to move geographically for an *Internet* startup?Thanks for the personal updates, I love the dress, cant wait for the novel!


  4. What a novel concept…a plaid dress. An earlier incarnation of a hot trend today. Glad to hear youve settled in, Erin. Can fabric shopping be far behind?


  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! So excited to see the book next year. Have definitely now sorted out Christmas presents for 2010.Best of luck with the editors and cant wait to see the finished article. xx


  6. Anxiously awaiting the book! Already planning reading it in the bathtub with maybe some candles and mood music . . . –Karen


  7. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I cant WAIT to get my hands on your novel! Congrats, Erin! And of course, Im still loving ADAD. I mostly lurk, but I want you to know its a bright spot in my day. 🙂


  8. Actually, this cracks me up because, just the other day, I was checking out 1940s dress patterns on eBay and found one with a bunch of bored teenagers leaning on mops. Im not kidding. The contrast is startling. I wonder how public morale and self-image affected pattern packet art?


  9. Congratulations on the book! And the Wordnik startup! And the move! Any one of these would be a reason to cut back on posting, let alone all 3 at once….JustGail


  10. Oh good Lord — I MADE this pattern — more than once —- and, yes, I not only wore it to work, I actually cooked dinner wearing it. Ah, the days of a young bride when we all were required to look like Donna Reed!


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