See What I Mean?

Ceil Chapman

Why isn't anyone wearing THIS on the red carpet? This would be what I'd make if I had to do a red-carpet ANYTHING. This would be stunning in old-gold satin, with maybe tulle for that bit sticking out at the side between the scallops. Or a deep, deep fuchsia pink for a blonde. That petal bodice is to die for, and would show off a necklace (and other things) beautifully.

Who would you put in this dress? What shoes? I think NOT strappy sandals, but an open-toed d'orsay satin pump, with a diamante buckle.

[This pattern's from Lisa's Vintage Fashion Library and it's a repro, which means it's available in a range of sizes (bust 32-48) … for only $19.50! And she's running a sale through the 27th, in honor of her last teenager turning twenty! Use the code THOMAS for 20% off.]


35 thoughts on “See What I Mean?

  1. Wow! Even before I scrolled down, I said immediately, Ceil Chapman. Her designs are instantly recognizable. Im still holding out for just one Ceil Chapman, but all the surviving ones on eBay are either too small, or if theyre average size, they go for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Youre right — nothing could be more glamorous.


  2. Ohh, thats nice!Were I a sewer, I think Id be tempted to see make that underskirting in something contrasty – maybe the gold fabric for the scalloped outer, and fuchsia or deep purple for the under. Or a silver fabric outer with an awesome-shade-of-blue under.Id probably put it on Liv Tyler. Shes always struck me as the old-fashioned looking sort.


  3. Gorgeous. I wish I got to do a red carpet something-or-other to wear such a dress (and had the body for it).I think Id have Kate Winslet wear it, in deep scarlet, with maybe an antique beige lace fabric on the scallop. I agree about the shoes–those were perfect.


  4. Gorgeous dress. Dyed to match satin pumps to be truely vintage. (These days, a neutral like black, gold or silver.) Black satin or taffeta w/ white tulle with tiny black dots (dotted swiss – is that black or white?)for the underskirt so it froths up like sea foam, and lots of diamond jewelry. I feel a foxtrot coming on…


  5. Wow!Id love that in either a midnight blue or apple green with lots and lots of underskirts and a peep-toe platform pump/court dyed to match with some sort of sparkly adornment on the toe. Only a tiny pretty gold box-clutch would do to go with this, I;d keep the neckline open so just some earrings, no necklace.Why is this not in my wardrobe?


  6. Actually, it would be very, very modern in black taffeta with hot pink for the underskirt. Although personally, Im seeing it in emerald green.


  7. Oh MY! The neckline reminds me of what Judy Garland wore when she sand [i]Melancholy Baby[/i] in [i]A Star is Born[/i]. That version was deep lavender moir, I think.Id like to see this in a dull silver, though white, claret and aqua are usually my favorite dressy colors.This dress is hyper feminine. And its important that your head and shoulders have a striking frame when youre interviewed on that carpet! (PS: I am also of the no necklace with cleavage and heavy earrings school. Theres something subliminally smooth and naked about not breaking up that creamy expanse of skin.)


  8. I cant help thinking yellow… not that Id wear it in yellow, but I dont have an occasion to wear a dress like that anyway. I wish I could see more details of it! I wish I could see it on a red carpet photo! Because yes, thats where it belongs.


  9. I think Jenna Fischer would be lovely in this! She has the sort of sweet, old-fashioned charm that would be just right. Shes petite as well and I think is more of a dress for a shorter woman, rather than a tall, willowy goddess-type. I still cant decide on a color but those shoes are GORGEOUS!I also agree with whoever said Amy Adams in green because, YES! She is lovely as well and this would be perfect on her.I watched the awards the other night for about half an hour. I saw nothing even remotely original or very attractive. Theres little that I even remember except that Tina Feys shoulder seams looked really lopsided and some other young person in red looked like she had hers on backward 😐 It was all pretty underwhelming, as they say.


  10. I love love love this dress… as well as the other fancy Ceil Chapman dresses. Id love to see any of them up on the red carpet. Theyre elegant, timeless dresses.I cant think of who Id like to see in this style or what colour because I can see it in almost any colourway.


  11. I think Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley would both look wonderful in this dress in a deep purple with lavender lace contrast. (And is anyone else besides me kind of unnerved by how alike those two look?) I also agree with Scarlett Johansen- she is so pretty and vintage-looking herself (in a good way!) that she could totally pull this off, of course in bright lipstick red.


  12. Yes Natalie and Keira look very much alike…probably why the played Padme/Padmes maid pretending to be Padme in Star Wars. I always get them confused.


  13. Christina Hendricks in emerald green taffeta, matching satin pumps. Grown up elegance. Thats why I like her character on Mad Men. She wears grown up clothes that women over 30 will look good in.


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