I did not make this dress

rickrack dress

Thanks to Robin for pointing out this eBay listing to me — this totally looks like something I'd make, doesn't it? I didn't, unless Future Me gets that time machine I've been noodling on (I have very elaborate diagrams, drawn on a cocktail napkin; the problem is finding a battery the size of a chest freezer and made of highly purified unobtainium) and goes back to 1960-something (and, evidently, loses her iron). The spooky thing is that it's totally my size …

Hmm. Anyway, if you buy this dress (click here), would you check and see if the hem is finished with bias tape and the notches are clipped in instead of out? That would help me figure out if Future Me ever made it back. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “I did not make this dress

  1. Yep, definitely looks like an Erin original, but Id need to see the pockets to be absolutely sure.Unobtanium – brilliant.


  2. Have you considered the fact that you may well have an alternate personality, that sews while you sleep? This personality may be telling you that sewing is vitally LIFE ENABLING to you. (Or that you need more money…not sure why Erina put it up on ebay?)


  3. Yes, it is missing pockets so it cant be a true Erin production but maybe they are well hidden in the side seams. Thats a lot of blue.


  4. Doesnt everyone clip their notches in? so much easier…Love the blog and look forward to it every day, thanks for the fun and smiles!And yes, it is patriotic colours; if youre French, British Austalian or New Zealand, Russian (and many others)… as well.Great dress!


  5. It would also be patrioticly coloured if youre Dutch… but IF we do patriotic colouring at all (only some people ever do, for soccer championships), its usually orange. Long story, royal family is called (literally translated) House of Orange. And eh, I also clip my notches in and finish most hems with bias tape. Its the rick rack which makes it look Erin-esque, but Id only be convinced if it were bright green (or another of your special colours) and had large pockets.


  6. Yes, sure, blue and white and red is patriotic for a lot more countries than the USA! My home country, Czech Republic, and France, and Britain…Could you, please, explain to a Czech girl what clipping notches in/out means?


  7. I agree – to be a true Future Erin, it has to have pockets!Hana – the clipping notches in/out refers to the notches on the patterns used to match up the pieces. On the pattern, those notches usually are shown as a diamond that is centered on the cutting line, and some people cut out around the marking, leaving a little ear on the fabric. Others just cut along the line, and then go back and clip a notch into the seam allowance. Clipping in is faster/easier/more acurate, but sometimes I miss clipping one. Cutting out takes more time, but are easier to see when trying to line up the pieces.


  8. I just started using bias tape hemming a few select dresses- I like it.As far as clipping, I was taught to clip my notches out so if I ever needed to alter the garment I wouldnt lose any seam allowance. Sound advice, although I have never needed the extra room. My first sewing teacher (other than my mother) was a seamstress from Canada.The top/skirt combo of this dress is such a classic. It looks great on almost all body types. Good to know it will still be popular in the future, lol.


  9. If this was indeed made by Erins alternate personality, while the host slept, the lack of pockets may be a cry for identity. The silent self may be tired of lugging Erins stuff around, and wanted a dress that suited HER. But I still dont understand why she then put it on ebay.Its all very mysterious.


  10. I got this in the mail yesterday – the notches are clipped to the inside! the hem is just turned stitched though. I love it, and it fits me like a glove too – I might wear it for our veterans day parade 🙂


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