Today's Pattern Story

Butterick 7545

Blue: C'mon, first hit's free.
Red: That's what you said last time.

The rest of the story writes itself, although you're welcome to write more of it in the comments. Bonus points for using: "mother's little helper," "get clean," and "riding the dragon."

Other scenarios: ticket scalping; invitation to secret society; numbers-running. What do you think is the most plausible?

Pattern courtesy VintagePatternDStash (get it? de-stash?) on Etsy. Carolyn's de-stash is your re-stash, or something like that.

16 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story

  1. RED: Angie, when did you become a member of the 50-fott-tall Woman Club?BLUE: I just joined. See? Heres my membership card.RED: I remember my initiation ceremony like it was yesterday. We had to smash cars flat like Coke cans using just our feet. What did you have to do?BLUE: I had to eat a normal sized person in one gulp. I didnt like the taste of the clothes tho. See? There they are on the floor.RED: Just like little dolls clothes, arent they? A-hahahhahah.BLUE: Ah-haha-hahhahahaa.Sorry. I may have inadvertently touched one of Blues botter papers.


  2. Blue: Cmon, I promise its the winning numbers for the JACKPOT!Red: Thats what you said last time and I gave you $10,000 for it. Im not riding that dragon again!


  3. I vote for numbers-running.I think its Red whos wearing the wire. She has that savvy undercover-agent look. Blue looks almost falsely cheery and light-hearted; you know shes lying through her teeth.


  4. Sorry, Im boring. That is just her coat check ticket. Mom (in red) and newly married daughter (in blue) just met for lunch. See the look on Moms face? Affectionate amusement with some indulgence thrown in.


  5. They are both secret agents wearing wires, trying to appear nonchalant while they both eye James Bond (Sean Connery, still the sexiest man in the movies). The Red secret agent is, of course, with the communist block (hence the riding the dragon reference), while Ms. Blue is representative from an anonymous Scandinavian country.


  6. Blue – I feel great ever since the doctor prescribed, Mothers Little Helper! I feel so light and carefree.Red – Ive been riding the dragon for weeks and I cant tell you how much I love my domestic chores now.


  7. Blue: Red, I really think you should consider joining the phantom limb club.Red: Im not sure I can afford the dues: One hand or one foot? Sheesh.Blue: Its not so bad. I can still use my left hand, though its wavery sometimes.Look, Ive got a grip on this note.Red: I need both hands. One for the purse-holding, the other for the hip-grasping.


  8. Red: Hnh! Blue… Hey, Blue, you know what I see?Blue: What?Red: Its like… its like… everthing is covered in houndstooth.Blue: Girl, you are fucked up.Red: Shut up. I have a whole package of Oreos in my purse, and Im not even sharing them with you.


  9. BLUE: All the girls call her Mother Mavis, and the hours are really flexible. Call her!RED: And whats this Mother Mavis gonna get me that I cant get out of Howard?BLUE: Maybe an orgasm?


  10. Oh, thank you! : )Ive been so wrapped up in following all the Carrie Miss Ex-California Prejean events that I havent been able to check in this week! THE DRAMA IS FLYING HIGH WITH THAT GAL!!!!


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