Another Heidi

Seriously, folks. Do you think I have a problem? I can't stop with the Heidi dresses.

Here's the most recent one:

Scribble Heidi

Fabric is from again. I don't know who they know but they are getting some excellent fabric lately.

Here's the bodice:

Scribble Heidi

And the back:

Scribble Heidi

I lined the bodice and pockets in pale gray Kona cotton — not sure why I had it hanging around, but I did.

I have a whole pile of fabric that I still want to make this dress in: TWO (two!) colorways of camouflage, black denim, a Liberty twill, a rayon plaid, possibly a rose.jpgnk corduroy, and on and on … Good thing it's so fast to sew!

26 thoughts on “Another Heidi

  1. youre brainwashing me arent you? makeaheidimakeaheidimakeaheidi….i swore off the burda patterns since the one and only time i attempted one of their freebies and ended up with a dress that gave me a completely flatchest. given that im normally at D cup, this was quite an achievement for mere fabric, but not the look i wanted. how easy (if you were someone whod only – unsuccessfully – finished one dress) is it to tailor a heidi to ones -ahem, unique – proportions? (get it to fit big bottom and boobs in other words)


  2. lookin fab-u-lous! Ive simply got to start sewing more dresses this summer. And I totally agree with you on the excellent stuff from fabricmart lately–this one is a vera wang lavender label print, of which Ive seen lots in fabric stores. Good fabric for us, bad economy for higher-end rtw.


  3. Oh this is such cool fabric! Im going to check out fabricmart RIGHT NOW!It would be so fantastic to see one of these actually on you though (I know, maybe not so easy to achieve as on judy there).You dont wear this one with loafers though, do you? It just doesnt seem a loafer-y type of print.And thank you for reminding me – again – that I need to make more of these myself. I will also go pull out this pattern RIGHT NOW, lol.To anonymous: maybe try you local library for books on fitting and alterations. They often have diagrams or photos of examples of different fitting issues with instructions on how to deal with them on the pattern.


  4. You had me at the first Heidi. The second was adorable. Between posting Heidis 2 and 3, I made one of my own, and I completely see why youre in love with this pattern. Aside from the fact that your Heidi love is contagious, I think its also a reaction to the craptacular weather outside my window that I now want to go on a sleeveless dress binge. And I might need some of that fabric . . .


  5. Im also beginning to wonder if I should make a heidi too!!Make Your Own Patterns by Rene Bergh is an excellent book, Ive used it a lot to chnage patterns to suit my own figure (f-cup bras… can you imagine what a pain it is to get those stuffed into a normal b-cup pattern?!)Erin, how many dresses do you own?! I would LOVE to see some pics of your wardrobes 😀 x


  6. Oohhh…me like-y!I want to see it on a human form, too, though…because thats the only way you can really see if a pattern has yielded a good garment.We, the potentially purchasing public, need proof!


  7. That is a wonderful print. And the dress looks wonderful, too. But yes, we want to see it on you (you could wear a mask…or get some Dame Edna spectacles and only wear them for photo-shoots.)


  8. So you finally convinced me to make a Heidi! I have finished my pattern adjustments and my muslin. I am ready to go with my fabric. Only a little nervous since its the first garment I have made in about 5 years. Thanks for giving me a little push!


  9. ok – end of excuses. i have just acquired some old sheets from freecycle, so Im going to make one of these, using the sheets as a muslin. wish me luck!


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