26 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story, In Six Words

  1. Looks more like they are directing jets on an aircraft carrier LOL. Now that would be a sight


  2. My first impression was that the girls were reacting to an incidence of flatulence. Evidence, perhaps, that I am overdue for some adult conversation (my son has recently discovered potty humor – how long does this stage last?).


  3. Hey, just a reminder that the Liberty collection is at Target now!(honestly though, Im kind of disappointed. I was hoping for more cotton, but almost all Ive had a chance to look at so far is cheap-feeling polyester. YMMV though, so its worth a look.)


  4. Actually, I saw the image before I scrolled down to your six words. I laughed out loud because I thought you were going to comment along the same lines as what Natalie said! on my screen, you dont see why the yellow girl is bending over, so it looks like she is embarrassed.(I didnt actually understand your six words. I will have to investigate.)Sandy in the UK


  5. Oh, the diamond one! The diamond one! Did they actually MAKE that fabric with the border print? Even the strangest hand signals cant spoil that spectacular print!


  6. Also with Natalie. Yellow either did it or is looking at the offending source.My youngest boy (of 3) is 16. I think they all outgrew it a long time ago, but I didnt.


  7. Makes me think of the White chicks and Gang Signs photo project a friend of mine did a few years ago. Hed go to bars on the weekend and get white chicks to flash gang signs, made a huge composite of it. Great stuff.


  8. As Natalie said, Ive been with a toddler too long and I was also thinking they were fanning off some offensive smell (that explains yellows vomit posture, too)


  9. Im thrilled to see this, odd hand gestures or not. A is my 8th grade graduation dress, which I loved! Mom made it in white organdy eyelet with a pale blue polished cotton cumberbund. Although this pattern cover looks vaguely familiar, and view A is definitely the same as my dress, Im not sure this is the pattern she used. She never cared for Butterick patterns though I dont remember why.


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