Today's Pattern Pros and Cons, and Sale

Simplicity 2959


Shawl collar (love!)
Pockets (duh, love!)

Swishy-swishy skirt (all those little gathers, love!)
Buttons (love that placket!)
Model on left has no eyes, like I've seen on eighty-kajillion science-fiction shows — yet it scares me every time. NO EYES, people! (Dr Who, I'm especially looking at you. And not just because your new incarnation is cute as a button, Mr. Fish Custard Man.)

Model on the right looks as if she's calculating exactly the right angle of entry she'll need to remove your liver with a hairpin. Either that or she's checking out the photographer's assistant. Not sure which — possibly both.
All right then — more pros than cons! So if you'd like this pattern, click on the link; this pattern (and all the other ones) on Michelle's Patterns from the Past are on sale — 15% off through the end of April. Use the code SPRING.

24 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Pros and Cons, and Sale

  1. Feck, that was gorgeous. The dress I mean. Ive actually clicked on the link, even though I havent sewed with a pattern in all my life.


  2. Thats probably the best photo Matt Smith has ever taken…IMO hes not as good looking as David Tennant, but then I didnt like him when he took over and he grew on me.


  3. Shes calculating the angle shell need to remove the photographers assistants liver and sell it on the black market.She has that freaky Tinkerbells-evil-twin thing going on. Pixie face, scary stare.


  4. I dont care that green dress is looking to remove someones liver. I LOVE the dress. Its very similar to one Ive been planning for a while now. I found the black with white polka dot fabric and have been waffling back and forth between shirtdress with full skirt or separates. –Karen


  5. I think I actually prefer him in bow tie and tweeds… Then again, my love for the Doctor might have more to do with the spaceship!Also: Pockets! I might buy this one…Is there any way to wear a tweed dress without looking like a librarian/schoolgirl?


  6. Those pockets – cute but useless! They wouldnt even hold a surgical knife to liver removal


  7. I love this! Id buy the pattern and re-grade it to fit, BUT — only the bodice is there! What I want is the interesting pocket insert into the skirt side fronts. I have nothing like this; guess Ill have to add it to the ebay search list.


  8. beautiful pattern. Do not think new Dr. Who is cute at all -blech! To each her own though!Thanks for the funny post.


  9. Oooh! So, so pretty! I especially love the green with the little white dots, so Id invariably be disappointed when whatever fabric I used wasnt dark green with white dots. I get your fear of the eyeless SciFi people, but the thing that still scares me when I think of it is an episode of The Twilight Zone where a girl had no MOUTH! I think her little brother wished it away; it was a really long time ago that I saw it. Scared the beejeepers out of me. Even scarier than the thought of Doctor Who without David Tennant. Shudder.


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