Good Things Come To Those Who Lie In Wait (on Ebay)

font fabric

For reasons that should be painfully obvious, I have wanted more of this fabric for years. I bought some the moment I saw it, and made a big circle skirt, which I have altered at least a couple of times. But it's quilting cotton, which means it's not especially sturdy, and the skirt was beginning to look a little sad. Which made me more than a little sad. (That's one of the downsides of sewing — even if something you make costs less than the $20 throwaway item from H&M or Target, it costs more in time and emotional investment, so you get madder when it wears out/rips/gets spilled on.)

And unfortunately, with fabric, even if you know the manufacturer's name and the fabric name, you can't rely on the seller knowing either of those pieces of information. So the only thing you can do is hit eBay at regular intervals and think "if I didn't know anything about this fabric, how would I describe it?"

Which is what I did, and now FOUR YARDS are on their merry way to me. Woo! With a bonus Hoo!

Do I know what I will sew with this yet? Not especially. But I know I will love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

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16 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Lie In Wait (on Ebay)

  1. LOL! I use that line all the time! Congrats on your fabric conquest. I am guessing it will be made into a lovely Heidi dress!


  2. you get madder when it wears out/rips/gets spilled on.I have just started making clothes (half-circle skirts so far), but I think I will feel opposite—since I know Ill be able to replace an item with something I like as well, I feel more willing to let go. But that may be a side effect of having hoarding tendencies. Plus I havent made anything very complicated yet, so fairly small investments.Have fun with the fabric!


  3. This is why I love Erin. She uses the same quotes I do and loves the same funky prints I do. You can never wrong with type as a design!


  4. One of my favorite George fabrics ever is a Michael Miller with etc and asterisks in pairs all marching along is perfect type face rows. In black and white. Love it. I love this George, too.


  5. Wow! Just fell in love with your fabric!! I try to find it ( to share your luck!!) but…no! Instead, I,ve found a FABULOUS eyechart fabric! Om an optician and i teach how to do glasses in collèege…Wow! My students will be crazy when ill show up with my new eyechart skirt!Yahou!


  6. Im curious! Have you ever thought of just printing your own at You could even use the font of your choice!


  7. make sure to reinforce the fabric a bit to make it last as long as possible- or maybe just put aside one yard of it for later use. 🙂


  8. Another good source for fabric (especially quilting cottons) is I cant tell you how many times this site has saved one of my quilt projects with just that last 1/4 yd of fabric that was short! Its amazing what you can find in someone elses stash.donna in nj


  9. Whoo hoo, and congratulations!I had the most awesome fluffy crinoline square dance petticoat back when I was in college. I loved it, and called it George too. What is it about that name?(P.S. after moves, when I come across it, I always call my kids over and introduce them…kids, this is George, my totally awesome square dance petticoat! They roll their eyes but I love it!)


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