This Is Driving Me Crazy

Vogue 1172

This is a new Vogue reproduction pattern (Vogue 1172), and I know, absolutely and without doubt, that I once blogged about the original of this pattern. Can I remember it now? Can I find it now? Is it labeled with any of the hundreds of facetious tags I have used since starting to blog five years ago? No, no, and double no, with a garnish of freshly-ground imported nope.

I vaguely remember that someone else was looking for this pattern, and maybe I was putting out an APB? Possibly? Or maybe it was just me wishing I had an excuse to make a dress that can require up to SEVEN YARDS of fabric to make? No? Doesn't ring a bell?

I do love this pattern, though, so I'm very happy to see it back in production. I just wish I could remember the original number, although I suppose it doesn't make much difference. But wouldn't it be cool if someone (NOT ME) blogged about making two versions, one from the vintage pattern and one from the reproduction? It would be awesome if someone (NOT ME) wanted to take on the challenge … (did I say NOT ME loud enough? I hope so.)

If you remember the original number, oh please have mercy and leave a comment letting me know!

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24 thoughts on “This Is Driving Me Crazy

  1. You did blog about that one, because I remember somebody pointing out that there was a reproduction pattern available that looked almost exactly like it.Yes! Thats the post! Vogue 2903 was very similar, only it had a seam down the middle front.


  2. I totally bought the repro of this pattern this weekend. The skirt had me salivating in the store…the bigger, the better! The only problem is that it is going to require one monster crinoline underneath….


  3. I think it is Vogue 4800 and I had the pattern, copied it and sent you the original.No, I still havent made it up. No, I cant be the one to do the modern and the original (14 yards of fabric….) but I do so wish someone would.Mary Fran


  4. While I love the idea of wearing a 50s version of a Scarlett OHara sized skirt, realistically everyone who makes this dress is NEVER going to wear it. The crinoline itself would cost $100 to buy made or to buy all the tulle to MAKE it…and youd probably need about 10 years to sew that much tulle together in that large of a poofball. Im not a fan of many Vogue repros… 😦


  5. If petticoataphobia is all thats stopping any of you, hearken back to this…either Erin blogged about it or someone put it in the comments, but its how to make an Alice Lon petticoat. did it only in half the lengths called for and it is still enormous and it was not expensive or difficult to make.Oh, and my experience with the Vogue reproductions is that as beautiful as the illustrations my look, they have WAY more ease built in than the vintage ones, so adjust accordingly.


  6. I agree with wanting to make something with a 7 yard skirt! Glad I am not the only one! Not sure I could wear it anywhere but I would have lots of fun prancing around the house! In HS I wanted to make this medieval costume pattern. It had a fabulous fitted bodice and this skirt that went out in a train. It was about 10 yards, of silk shantung. It would be so impractical but so fun to wear!


  7. Ive made many Voque reproduction patterns…they just reprint the original pattern. I love them. My wedding dress ws 2903. I would wear this dress, even if I have to buy and expensive crinoline. I want a big full crinoline anyway!


  8. Id love to find the sundress from that Lets Go to Florida! entry, mentioned in the comments of the linked-to post. (I *think* its labeled 2601.) Such a shame that sundresses have gone so shapeless and clingy-polyester. That looks excellent for warm sunny days chasing my kids around and running errands.Kim D.


  9. OK – looking at the pattern back shows purchased petticoat. Lovely.Anyhoo – if youre not adverse to a LOT of gathering you can make a useful really full petticoat on the cheap.The rolls of bridal tulle some in pre-cut strips and 50 yard rolls. My serger gathers. So a lot of tedious fabric-feeding later I have gathered strips.Thats where I had to leave it for now but the next step is going to be sewing them into a petticoat. 100 yards of tulle, pre-cut into strips, for about $10 after buying it on sale. I can get behind that.Also, way spiffy dress! I think Ill be getting a copy or two of that pattern.


  10. This could be a ballgown, made a little longer!!! I could prance around under my Kinsale cape!!! If only I had an invite to a ball!!! (Not the kind my husband likes…) Modern life seems so unromantic. Hardly anyone dances in pretty dresses any more. Maybe we should have a kitchen party just for us and our dresses?


  11. Yes – lets have a party where we can all wear our vintage or vintage-y dresses! I wear my vintage stuff at random times, but I know some people who love vintage feel like they cant wear their vintage stuff on a regular night out.


  12. How funny to think of this as a party dress or ball gown. This is what I wore, daily, to school, complete with tulle petticoats! Generally I made the dresses and my mother made the petticoats. Fitting into a school desk was a challenge unto itself.


  13. V2903 looks fairly similar to me also. 2903 does have a whole separate floating yoke sewn to the inside of the dress. And a peculiar zipper arrangement that does not let the wearer out of her dress easily. But, hey, its vintage.I am making it in used green striped crowd-control fencing right now. Underlined with tulle for comfort. This fabric is so stiff, I dont think Ill need the petticoat. Ill be lucky if it doesnt stand out 45 degrees.-Shaun M.


  14. ohh when I first saw it I thought it was that pattern that you had lost and it made you attept to sew up a similar looking one but the skirt was to long and had a ruffle on the hem so you were unsure how to shorten the skirt. That original pattern plagued me for weeks


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